Pasadena ISD named among top workplaces in Houston

Pasadena ISD named among top workplaces in Houston
Posted on 10/09/2015

Pasadena Independent School District has been named among the top 150 workplaces in Houston by the Houston Chronicle. 

This designation comes off the heels of a workplace satisfaction survey by Workplace Dynamics, a third party surveyor known as the largest employer data ratings service provider in the U.S.

The survey was made available to the nearly 8,000 Pasadena ISD employees electronically and on paper with over 5,000 responding to the questions.

To compare results with other similar companies, a benchmark was set from the average results of more than 6,000 school districts and eight companies nationwide similar in size and functions to Pasadena ISD.

Overwhelmingly, the results in the Pasadena ISD survey came back significantly above the national average. The majority of employees reported overall satisfaction with their jobs, their managers and Pasadena ISD as an employer. In fact, when combining all scores from the multifaceted survey, Pasadena ISD employees responded 14 percent above the national average with positive results. Administrators will evaluate comments offered by employees to determine areas of needed improvement and to continue current programs that employees consider beneficial.

“Pasadena ISD is such a unique place to work. The feeling here is one of family and comradery,” superintendent of schools Kirk Lewis said. “I am not really surprised at the results of this survey and I’m proud to be among the best places to work in the Houston area”.

Questions on the survey were divided into six categories including alignment, execution, connection, my work, my manager and pay and benefits.

In response to the statement, “I have confidence in the leader of Pasadena ISD,” employees responded in the positive 19 percent above the national average. Similarly, to the statement, “Pasadena ISD operates by strong values and ethics,” employees responded positively 14 percent above the national average.

In the my work category, to the statement, “I have the flexibility I need to balance my work and personal life,” the results were 21 percent above the national average and for the statement, “This job has met or exceeded the expectations I had when I started,” employees responded in the positive 11 percent above the national average.

In the pay and benefits section, employees responded an overwhelming 30 percent above the national average to the statement, “My pay is fair for the work I do.”

A less than stellar result came in response to the statement, “My benefits package is good compared to others in the industry.” To this statement, employees replied 18 percent below the national average.

“While we strive to be competitive with pay and benefits, we understand that corporations and some other districts can offer more and this is not a surprise,” superintendent of schools Kirk Lewis said. “We know that our employees work in Pasadena ISD for reasons beyond salary and benefits.”

Final rankings of the top 150 employers will be announced November 5 and published November 8 in the 2015 Top Workplaces. Top Workplaces is the largest workplace ratings list distributed throughout Houston. It ranks companies in areas such as opportunities for advancement, the value of their pay and benefits, and their bosses’ communication management skills.