Safety and Security

Pasadena ISD has safety plans for every campus for various emergency situations. We review our safety plans every year. Campuses practice emergency drills throughout the year. This serves as training for our students and review for staff.  In the event of a serious incident or threat, our first priority is to insure that our students and staff are safe. Our next priority is to communicate to parents. To provide information quickly means that the details may not be complete. However, we will share the information we have available at the time. We will communicate through parent calls or text messages, Face Book, Twitter and the Website.


In many serious incidents, a campus will be placed on Lock-Down. 

What is Lock-Down?

All classroom doors and windows are locked.

Students are moved away from doors and windows.

Teachers/students wait for police or administrator to lift the Lock-Down.

*During a Lock-Down, no one is allowed to enter or exit the building except for emergency personnel.

This is to ensure the security of the building.

What can parents do?

Sign up for Parent Connection to receive emergency notification from the district.

Be certain the campus has your correct contact information.