About Us

Mission Statement

Child Nutrition Services of Pasadena Independent School District is committed to serving nutritious meals by providing safe, quality, healthful food and service. As a valuable partner in education, our efforts support the academic growth and success of our students, staff and community.


As an innovative leader in the school food service industry, Pasadena Independent School District Child Nutrition Services will:

  • Follow the regulations of the National School Lunch and Breakfast programs as administered by the United States Department of Agriculture.

  • Understand and meet the nutritional requirements of students, based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

  • Teach and encourage students to make healthful food choices that will improve their well-being.

  • Provide affordable, quality food and efficient service.

  • Strive to develop the skills and talents of each employee.


    Child Nutrition Services Administrative Staff:

    Harryman  Child Nutrition Director: Mary Harryman
    Office: 713-740-0146
    Email: MHarryman@pasadenaisd.org
     Mason Child Nutrition Assistant Director: Laura Mason
    Office: 713-740-0952

    Ext. 70952
    Email: LaMason@pasadenaisd.org
     DeFrancesco Dietitian: Jodie Defrancesco
    Office: 713-740-0091
    Email: JDefrancesco@pasadenaisd.org
     Banda Free and Reduced Secretary: Blanca Banda
    Office: 713-740-0146
    Ext: 70146
    Email: Bbanda@pasadenaisd.org
     Gonzalez Operations & Personnel Secretary: Patricia Gonzalez
    Office: 713-740-0224
    Ext. 70224
    Email: PGonzalez3@pasadenaisd.org
     Amador Financial Secretary: Sandra Amador 
    Office: 713-740-0096 
    Email: SAmador@pasadenaisd.org
     Floyd Supervisor : Crystal Floyd
    Office: 713-740-0936
    Email: Cfloyd1@pasadenaisd.org
     Holmes Supervisor : LiUnka Holmes
    Office: 713-740-0951
    Email: lholmes@pasadenaisd.org
     Wood Supervisor : Rose Campbell Wood
    Office: 713-740-0214
    Email: RCampbell@pasadenaisd.org

    Supervisor : Vanessa Garza
    Office: 713-740-0188
    Email: VJGarza@pasadenaisd.org


    Supervisor : Teresa Horton
    Email: THorton@pasadenaisd.org


    Supervisor : Zolia Arredondo
    Ext. 70094
    Email: ZArrendondo@pasadenaisd.org


    Supervisor : Marisa Chavez 
    Ext. 70882
    Email: MChavez5@pasadenaisd.org

     Hernandez Supervisor : Reyna Hernandez
    Office: 713-740-0943
    Ext. 70943
    Email: RGHernandez@pasadenaisd.org
     Edwards Supervisor : Tanya Edwards
    Office: 713-740-0233
    Ext. 70233
    Email: TEdwards1@pasadenaisd.org
     Reyes General Secretary : Rosaura Reyes
    Office: 713-740-0884
    Ext. 70884
    Email: RMreyes@pasadenaisd.org
     Cuellar General Clerk : Alma Cuellar
    Office: 713-740-0217
    Ext. 70217
    Email: Acuellar@pasadenaisd.org
     Garcia General Clerk : Cristina Garcia
    Office: 713-740-0219
    Ext. 70219
    Email: Crgarcia@pasadenaisd.org
     Garcia General Clerk : Cristal Garcia
    Office: 713-740-0883
    Ext. 70883
    Email: Cgarcia4@pasadenaisd.org
     Vasquez General Clerk : Rocio Vasquez
    Office: 713-740-0093
    Ext. 70093
    Email: Rvasquez@pasadenaisd.org
    Mata Bookkeeper : Tonie Mata
    Office: 713-740-0163
    Ext. 70163
    Email: tmata@pasadenaisd.org



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