Melillo Students Compete in Annual VEX IQ Robotics Competition

Melillo Students Compete in Annual VEX IQ Robotics Competition
Posted on 03/21/2016
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VEX Melillo
Serena, Giselle and Leslie were crowned first place winners at Melillo’s VEX Robotics competition.

VEX Melillo

The winners compete in their final round of VEX IQ Robotics.

Twenty teams of future engineers at Melillo Middle School participated in an intense VEX Robotics Challenge recently, putting their IQs to the test for first, second and third place status.

“Any time you have a competition where students can showcase their talents and their intelligence, the intensity level is going to be high,” Guy Mitchell, the VEX coordinator said. “The students get into it because we always push them to the next level and they want to see how far they can go.”

Each team constructed robots capable of traveling, lifting and moving items using science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills.

The object of each game, lasting 60-seconds per four rounds, was for teams to attain the highest score by having their robot empty cutouts, toss balls onto a ramp and park robots. Each task was performed under driver control using joy sticks.

The top three teams were named winners of the competition. First place went to Serena Segura, Giselle Cazares and Leslie Hernandez. Second place medals went to Dillan Nguyen, Ethan Bishop and Billy Junkin. Third place winners were Madelyn Montes, Sieryn Rocha, Miriam Castillo and Emily Delgado.

While the team with the highest score wins, every student finishes the program with something gained through their experience.

“They learn the value of team work, hard work and gain STEM building skills that can be used in the workplace,” Mitchell said.

The program, which has doubled in size since last school, is a testament to the community’s support of educational initiatives.

“We had so many volunteers, including teachers, counselors, coaches, parents, teachers and students and staff from Pasadena Memorial, help out with this robotics program,” Mitchell said.

The competition was made possible through two Pasadena ISD Education Foundation grants totaling nearly $10,000. Mitchell teamed up with Jill Lacamu, Moore Elementary principal, to apply for the grant after seeing the robotics program at her campus. The program has taken off ever since.

“We are so thankful to Pasadena ISD and all the volunteers who have been part of this initiative,” Mitchell said. “These are the types of programs that ignite an excitement about learning among our students and prepare them for the future.” 

VEX Melillo
Dillan, Ethan and Billy take home second place medals.

VEX Melillo
Madelyn, Sieryn, Miriam and Emily win third place in the competition.

VEX Mellio
The Robotics team celebrates another successful year. Pictured: Gabriel Busch, Deborah Bass and Guy Mitchell. Not pictured: Jose Wong.