23 Campuses Honored for Texas Bluebonnet Reading Program

23 Campuses Honored for Texas Bluebonnet Reading Program
Posted on 04/06/2016
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Bluebonnet Campuses
Principals and librarians from 23 campuses in the district were recognized at the administrative council meeting for achieving the highest level of student participation in the Texas Bluebonnet reading program. Pictured: Learning Resource Specialist and Librarians: (Back row) Laura Davis, L.F. Smith; Lisa Ford, Mae Smythe; Allison Sutton, South Belt; Debra Yocum, Melillo; Catherine Pleasants, Parks; Norma Rodriguez-Garcia, Williams; Katherine Monford, South Houston; Lauren Nalepa, Stuchbery; Cynthia Rosenbaum, Kruse; Christine Roberts, Frazier; School Superintendent Dr. DeeAnn Powell. 
(Middle row) Terrie Hinojosa, Lomax; Jamie Garcia, Fisher; Dileyda Martinez, Pomeroy; Cindy Walker, Moore; Carla Moody, Morales; Karen Barton, Meador; Julie Scott, Young; Kerry-Ann Thompson; Jessup.
(Front row) Stephanie Redwine, Teague; Amanda Maslonka, Freeman; Amanda Davis, Bush; Brenda Aguilar, South Shaver.  Photo courtesy of Connie Doolin.

The Pasadena ISD Office of Libraries and Instructional Materials awarded trophies to 23 campuses in the district for achieving a high level of student participation in the Texas Bluebonnet reading program.

The Bluebonnet program encourages students to read more, explore new books across various genres and identify their favorite books.

Through the statewide program, students in grades 3-6 voted for at least five of their favorite Bluebonnet titles using the district’s online voting platform. Students also had the opportunity to rate their favorite books and share comments. The votes were submitted to the Texas Library Association and added to the statewide count to determine the Texas Bluebonnet Award winning book.

Officials were proud of the district’s overall participation in the reading program with 48 percent of students in the district voting – a significant increase of 25 percent since last school year.

In 2015, seven campuses were honored for a high level of participation. This year, Libraries and Instructional Materials awarded gold, silver and bronze trophies to 23 campuses with the highest percentage of participation.

Christine Van Hamersveld attributes the increase in student participation to the accessibility of reading materials for students in the district.

“School libraries now offer innovative ways for students to have access to the resources they need to learn and become avid readers,” said Christine Van Hamersveld, director of Libraries and Instructional Materials. “We are so proud of this year’s participants and the hard working staff for doing an excellent job of promoting, facilitating and celebrating great children’s literature and the Bluebonnet voting program.”

The winning Bluebonnet title this year is When the Beat was Born: DJ Kool Herc and the Creation of Hip Hop by Laban Carrick Hill.

The winners are:


Bush Elementary

South Houston Elementary

Young Elementary

Teague Elementary

Frazier Elementary

Morales Elementary

Williams Elementary

Stuchbery Elementary

South Belt Elementary

Kruse Elementary

Jessup Elementary

Meador Elementary

South Shaver Elementary

Moore Elementary

Lomax Middle

Mae Smythe Elementary



Melillo Middle

Pearl Hall Elementary

Freeman Elementary

Fisher Elementary



Parks Elementary

L.F. Smith Elementary

Pomeroy Elementary