Transportation Continues on ‘Road-e-o’ to Success at Bus Safety Event

Transportation Continues on ‘Road-e-o’ to Success at Bus Safety Event
Posted on 04/22/2016
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The Pasadena ISD Transportation department is continuing on the “Road-e-o” to success as showcased recently in a bus driver safety competition.

Several Pasadena ISD bus drivers participated in the event with Clear Creek ISD. Three bus drivers placed in the top winning slots, including: Maria Rodriguez, who took home the championship trophy, Edward Fitzgerald, who placed second and Joe Barrow, who placed third in the competition.

To earn points, contestants had to perform successfully in various obstacles courses and on the written exam, testing their general knowledge of bus safety laws and regulations and driver safety skills on the road.

“In this competition, you must clear the lug nuts, maneuver through different driving routes, and even dodge tennis balls,” said Judy Wood, transportation routing coordinator. “They cannot scrape a thing throughout the course in order to receive points from judges. It takes a great deal of skills to receive a high score from judges.”

The bus drivers and monitors volunteered on their own time to prepare and compete in the event, said Wood.

Wood, who has been involved in transportation for about 30 years, said the Road-e-o helps bus drivers gain skills that are essential for transporting students to and from school.

“I used to compete in this event so I know firsthand that it helped you gain confidence and sharpens your driving skills,” Wood said. “Throughout the event, they gain knowledge of maneuvering techniques and master skills in their profession.

In addition to this competition, Pasadena ISD’s 231 bus drivers regularly undergo hours of trainings, motor vehicle inspections and driver awareness classes to safely transport the 22,000 students who ride the bus daily.

Wood encourages bus drivers to continue participating in activities that allow them to hone their craft.

“Any time our bus drivers and monitors take the time to practice, it shows dedication to ensuring our student’s safety,” Wood said. “These individuals are willing to go the extra mile to better themselves. If you can meet challenges head on the route during the competition, you can make it through any tight situation.”

Road-e-o Bus Drivers
The Pasadena ISD Transportation Department dominated in the Road-e-o bus safety competition this year. Pictured: Diane Martinez, Joe Barrow, third place winner, Maria Rodriguez, first place winner, Francisco Mesa and second place winner Edward Fitzgerald. ~ Photo courtesy of Transportation