Pasadena ISD Announces Winners of 2016 NFL Punt, Pass and Kick Sectionals

Pasadena ISD Announces Winners of 2016 NFL Punt, Pass and Kick Sectionals
Posted on 10/20/2016
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PPK 2016

Pasadena ISD held its annual Punt, Pass and Kick Sectional competition at Veteran’s Memorial Stadium this week, giving over 8,500 eligible students districtwide a chance to showcase their football skills. A total of 275 students advanced to the sectional championship after winning the local competition at their home campus.

Pasadena I.S. D. hosts the largest Punt, Pass and Kick sectional competition in the state, giving participants a chance to gain bragging rights and move on to the Team Championship at the Houston Texans half-time football game in Reliant Stadium in November.

The winners at sectionals will have their scores compared with other sectional champions. The top four from the pool of sectional champions in each age bracket in the girls and boys divisions will advance to the Team Championship, with the ultimate goal of making it to the National Finals at the NFL playoff games.

Punt, Pass and Kick is part of Pasadena ISD’s physical education curriculum at elementary, middle and intermediate schools. For 30 years, the program has continuously provided an avenue for P.E. teachers and coaches to teach the fundamentals of football and the importance of team work.

“Students who compete in this event have an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the game, along with basic punting, passing and kicking skills,” said Pam Tevis, health, P.E, and wellness coordinator. “In addition, students are exposed to the culture of football which helps them gain skills that can be applied to in the classroom and beyond.”  

Punt, Pass and Kick sectional champions will be recognized at Veterans Memorial Stadium, Thursday, Oct. 20, before the start of the varsity football game between Memorial and Pasadena High Schools.

2016 Punt, Pass and Kick winners:

8-9 Girls

PPK 8-9 Girls Winners
1st Place – Emma Reeves - Turner (left)

2nd Place – Karyme Leal - Frazier (middle)

3rd Place – Victoria Perrett – Pearl Hall (right)


8-9 Boys

PPK 8-9 Boys Winners
1st Place – Jarvis Solomon - Frazier (left)

2nd Place – Logan Johnson - Teague (middle)

3rd Place – Tyree Drumgo – South Belt (right)

10-11 Girls

PPK 10-11 Girls Winners
1st Place – Bella Perez - Melillo (left)

2nd Place – Laysha Maldonado - Milstead (middle)

3rd Place – Alexis Lovett - Kendrick (right)


10-11 Boys

PPK 10-11 Boys Winners
1st Place – Esteban Nava - Shaw (left)

2nd Place – Ivan Arredondo - Turner (middle)

3rd Place – Quincy Mack, Jr. - Morris (right)


12-13 Girls

PPK 12-13 Girls Winners
1st Place – Hannah Villanueva - Jackson (left)

2nd Place – Mia Juarez - Milstead (middle)

3rd Place – Abigail Morales - Schneider (right)

12-13 Boys

PPK 12-13 Boys Winners
1st Place – Norberto Andrade – Kendrick (left)

2nd Place – Alexsander Luna – DeZavala (middle)

3rd Place – Antonio Cavazos - Kendrick (right)


14-15 Girls

PPK 14-15 Girls Winners
1st Place – Erika Reyes - Queens (left)

2nd Place – Chloe Baeuchamp – Park View (not pictured)

3rd Place – Mayza Sharry - Miller (right)

14-15 Boys  (none pictured)

1st Place – Joshua Hernandez - Thompson

2nd Place – Michael Lomas - Jackson

3rd Place – Armond Robinson – Park View

Photo Album
Photos courtesy of Donna Alsdorf, 21st Century Coordinator - Rayburn

PPK 2016 Photo Album

PPK 2016 Photo Album

PPK 2016 Photo Album

PPK 2016 Photo Album

PPK 2016 Photo Album