Thompson reopens following Hurricane Harvey

Thompson reopens following Hurricane Harvey
Posted on 02/20/2018
thompson photoThompson Orchestra Room Flooded
Thompson Intermediate orchestra room was flooded with over 5 feet of water during Hurricane Harvey.

By Jade Wise
PISD Communications

For over 900 students and staff at Thompson Intermediate, today is a homecoming of sorts, as they return to classes at their own campus for the first time since Hurricane Harvey.

Thompson students and staff spent the past five months displaced after the campus suffered heavy damage from Hurricane Harvey, where over five feet of water flooded the school, rendering the facility completely unusable. 

The campus was temporarily relocated to share space with their rival, Beverly Hills Intermediate, during the renovation.

“The hurricane brought the two schools together and created a strong sisterhood between them, while still maintaining the strong traditions of each campus,” said Alyta Harrell, Associate Superintendent of Campus Development.

Principal Dr. Melissa Allen said that the students and staff are ready to finally return to their own campus.

“These are our halls, these are our classrooms, and coming home brings the pride of being a Lion back even more to our students,” said Allen. “It creates a special feeling and a special culture.”