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--- GOALS ---

Goals Training Video:
Cleaning Up Goals and Creating New Goals for the Year (video)

Goals Printable Handouts:

Teacher and All Other Job Types Required to Submit Goals**

-- Creating, Submitting and Tracking Goals 
**These instructions work for PF's, CCS's, Nurses, Administrators, Librarians, Dyslexia Teachers, and anyone else required to enter and submit goals.
-- Goal Icon Indicators (What do those colors represent?)
-- Attaching Goals to the Evaluation Process 
-- Cleaning Up Previous Year's Goals 
-- Adding Evidence to a Goal

Teacher on Waiver
-- Creating A Teacher Request for Waiver Goal 
-- Goal Icon Indicators (What do those colors represent?)
-- Attaching Goals to the Evaluation Process 
-- Cleaning Up Previous Year's Goals 
-- Adding Evidence to a Goal

Submitting the Goal Reflection Document in March
(This is for Teachers and Teachers on Waiver)
-- Completing the Goal Reflection Document (GSPD) - (printable version)


Filtering and Navigation Tips for Appraisers
-- Filtering and Navigation Tips for Strive (printable version)
-- Filtering and Navigation Tips for Strive (video - 6 minutes)
-- Summative Framework Panel - (8 minute video)

Selecting Employees to Appraise (Appraiser Setup)
-- Selecting Your Appraisees in Strive 

Approving and Managing Appraisee Goals in Strive
-- Goal Icon Indicators (What do those colors represent?)
-- Viewing Goals Pending Approval and Staff With Unsubmitted Goals
-- Approving and Archiving Goals 
-- Denying Teacher's Request for Waiver Goal 
-- Cleaning Up Previous Year's Goals 

Creating New Appraisal Documents in Strive
(including Walkthroughs, Observations, Summatives and/or Final Appraisals)
-- Creating Appraisal Documents 
-- Additional Appraisal Document Resources (web version)
-- Uploading Documents to an Appraisee's Evaluation Process 

Editing or Deleting A Signed Appraisal Document
-- Deleting an Appraisal Document in Strive
-- UN-Signing A Document (so it can be edited or deleted)

Appraisal Alerts and Evaluation Reports
-- Configuring Appraisal Alerts
-- Evaluation Status Report
-- Evaluation Status Report - "Not Sent" List