Vanguard Community Service Awards

VANGUARDS step up and take action to serve and build a stronger community. They champion a cause and fight to make a difference for those in need. Their service brings positive change one community at a time.

Each year, Pasadena ISD salutes the Vanguard Community Service honorees for their contributions to the areas where they live. Community service is the driving force behind positive change. It addresses critical needs, improves the quality of life and moves communities forward. Individuals who serve their community contribute to society through simple acts of kindness, one at a time.

Today, colleges, universities and employers are seeking proactive citizens who take on challenges and possess the knowledge and skills to succeed in the 21st century.

While the educational program in Pasadena ISD strives for academic excellence, it also encourages students to make positive contributions in their community.  Students who go beyond normal expectations should be recognized for such contributions.  Therefore, the Pasadena ISD Vanguard Community Service Awards are given to the top five seniors who share a commitment and sense of responsibility for their families, peers, community and country. Honorees are selected by their campus administrators because they are outstanding models of citizenship and leadership.

Dates to Remember:
February 17
Counselors Submit Names
February 17-19
Photo/Video Shoot - TBD

February 27
Questionnaires Due
March 28
Vanguard Ceremony @Administration Building
Vanguard Honorees
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