Albemarle Foundation Donates $10,000 to Morales for iPads

Albemarle Foundation Donates $10,000 to Morales for iPads
Posted on 03/21/2016
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From left to right back row: Rose Devlin, Morales kindergarten teacher, Ryan Moore, Albemarle process engineer, Joy Stanley, Albemarle production analyst, Lisa Haws, Morales principal and Jennifer Condado, Morales assistant principal with Devlin's kindergarten class.

Joy Stanley, Albemarle production analyst helps a Morales kindergartener read on her iPad Mini.

The Albemarle Foundation recently donated $10,000 to Morales for iPad Minis to aid in classroom learning.

“I wanted to get iPads for my classroom to help differentiate my students’ learning and make them comfortable with the technology,” said Rose Devlin, Morales kindergarten teacher.  “We love the fact that they are able to use the technology in kindergarten, as they move up through elementary school it will come naturally to them.”

With the grant, the campus was able to purchase 30 iPad Minis with kid-friendly cases and a charging station that services the kindergarten program. The students use the iPads at various times during the day of instruction for engaging math, reading and social studies activities.

“It’s a great feeling being able to put technology in the hands of these students,” said Ryan Moore, Albemarle process engineer. “It’s wonderful being able to give back to our community at such a local level and seeing that impact with our own eyes.”

To receive the grant, Devlin enlisted the help of her friend Joy Stanley, Albemarle production analyst. Devlin asked Stanley if her company would be willing to donate to the campus.

“After submitting a quote for our need and several emails with Joy, we were told the grant was approved,” Devlin said.

Morales principal Lisa Haws was excited to hear the news of the grant. 

“We are so thankful to the Albemarle Foundation for this very generous donation,” said Haws.  “We could not have done this with our regular school budget. To have something like this that benefits all of our students, now and in the future, is invaluable.”