Fisher Nurse Named Health Care Professional of the Year

Fisher Nurse Named Health Care Professional of the Year
Posted on 06/02/2016
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2016 Nurse of the YearFisher Elementary nurse Ashleigh Morris receives a plaque after being named Pasadena ISD's Health Care Professional of the Year.

 2016 Nurse of the YearTeague nurse and mentor Nikki Seymour congratulates Morris on her accomplishment.

Fisher Elementary nurse Ashleigh Morris was recently named the Pasadena ISD Health Care Professional of the Year for making outstanding contributions to the health and wellness of students and staff in the community.

Morris was among 15 campus nurses who were honored at a special luncheon ceremony at the district’s educational professional building.

Remaining humble, she dedicated this honor to all health care professionals in the district.

“I honestly believe everyone deserves to be recognized,” Morris said. “Everyone works really hard. I have Fisher to thank for this achievement. We have a wonderful campus with amazing people to work with and students to serve.”

Morris’s road to success has not been easy. She did not graduate from high school. Instead, she went to school for a GED as a 21-year-old single mother. After receiving her GED, she earned a nursing degree from San Jacinto College and later worked as a newborn nursery and postpartum nurse.

“I admit that I struggled through nursing school at San Jacinto,” Morris said. “I want others to know that they do not have to be a statistic and can achieve their goals.”

“I am so happy for the opportunity to work at Fisher and with the district. It all feels like a dream come true.”

Teague nurse Nikki Seymour has been a mentor to Morris for the past two years and has witnessed her success as a health care professional in that short span of time.

“She always looks to learn new things and stays positive and outgoing,” Seymour said. “It’s really been a great pleasure teaching her over the years.”

Each principal was asked to submit the name of a health care professional who demonstrates excellence in the nursing practice, meeting all the criteria outlined in the nomination application, including:

  • displaying genuine concern for the health and well-being of students and staff;
  • having an aptitude to embrace and work collaboratively with colleagues;
  • showing strong focus on serving as an advocate for students and families;
  • Embracing opportunities to partner with community resources;
  • and continuing to improve the professional practice by seeking relevant staff development opportunities.

All nominations were reviewed by a committee. Dr. Darla Massey-Jones, district executive director of administrative services said Morris not only met the criteria, but exceeded all expectations.

“A school nurse’s role encompasses competency, compassion and dedication,” Dr. Massey-Jones said. “As a valued member of the educational community, she has worked diligently to develop bonds with students, staff, parents and Fisher community members.”

“She has also served as an advocate for student health care needs, creatively finding various ways to help students and families. Keeping students healthy where learning can be maximized is always at the forefront of her thoughts. It is a privilege to work with such outstanding healthcare professionals like Morris and all of this year’s honorees.”

2016 Nurse of the YearThis year's campus level honorees are (front row) Denise Olson, Genoa Elementary; Becky Shelton, Frazier Elementary; Kathy Terry, Pomeroy Elementary; Mary Ann Smith, Turner Elementary; Ashleigh Morris, Fisher Elementary; Kristi Donaho, Jackson Intermediate; Sylvia Moreno, Gardens Elementary; April Weisedel, chief nursing officer.

(Back row) Dr. Darla Massey, executive director administrative services; Donna Wilson, Park View Intermediate; Stacy Huntley, Moore Elementary; Nikki Seymour, Teague Elementary; Angela Hernandez, Milstead Middle School; Susan Treacy, L.F. Smith Elementary; Bonnie Francis, Kruse Elementary; Kathryn McKenna, Queens Intermediate; Kristi Vinzant, South Belt Elementary.