Pasadena High School Honors Mentors, Students

Pasadena High School Honors Mentors, Students
Posted on 06/01/2016
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PHS Mentors

Front row left to right: Dr. Steve Martin, PHS assistant principal; Carmen Solis, PHS AVID coordinator; PHS students Yeorgina Cardenas, Jailene Montalvo and Guadalupe Alfaro; PHS mentors Cheryl Culifer, Connie Dowdy and Randy Drake; PHS student Vanrick Rodriguez; PHS mentor Vicki Pasternak; PHS student Nicole Amador and PHS principal Joe Saavedra.

Second row left to right: PHS Counselor Christina Flores; PHS student Robert Ramirez; PHS mentor Don Lazenby; PHS students Robert Carcamo and Raymon Oliva Espinoza; PHS menors Bruce Dowdy and Cary Bass; PHS students Sergio Espinosa Tovias, Mario Hernandez and Martin Valle; PHS mentor J.D Parks; PHS students Miyagui Estupina and Richard Giron and PHS mentor Herb Pasternak.

 PHS Mentors
PHS Mentors Herb and Vicki Pasternak with PHS student Nicole Amador.

Pasadena High School held an appreciation banquet for their alumni mentors and students recently in the campus’ library.

The mentorship program pairs community members with students in the Pasadena High School AVID program. AVID stands for Advancement via Individual Determination and is designed to help underachieving students with high academic potential prepare for entrance to colleges and universities.

The mentors are politicians, doctors, local business men and women and others who have either graduated from Pasadena High School or who have close ties to the Pasadena community. Mentors and students met once a month to discuss what their futures could hold.

“This program really serves to give these students some one on one time with a positive and engaging role model,” Dr. Steve Martin, PHS assistant principal said. “Their expertise and guidance has helped our students tremendously. They will forever be a part of these students’ success.”

PHS principal Joe Saavedra shared his gratitude towards the mentors for their dedication and commitment to the students.

“Your conversations with our students about college, different career paths and adversity you have experienced and persevered in your own lives has inspired our students," Saavedra said. "You have shared with them a different way of thinking, making the impossible seem possible.Those are all things our students will take with them for the rest of their lives and we are grateful for the times you’ve shared with them."

In appreciation for their guidance and support the AVID students wrote letters to their mentors and some of the students were asked to share their thoughts during the event.

"Thank you for taking personal time to visit with us and share your advice on business and life,” Robert Ramirez, PHS student said. “I feel that after the conversations we’ve had and through your leadership, I’m ready to turn my dreams into reality."

The 2016 community mentors are Cary Bass, Cheryl Culifer, Bruce and Connie Dowdy, Randy Drake, J.D. Parks, Don Lazenby, Herb and Vicki Pasternak, Michelle Phoenix and John Roberts.

PHS mentors
PHS Mentor Cheryl Culifer, PHS principal Joe Saavedra and students Robert Carcamo and Jailene Montalvo.

PHS mentors
PHS students Mario Hernandez and Martin Valle with their mentor J.D. Parks.

PHS Mentors
PHS Mentor Don Lazenby with student Yeorgina Cardenas.

PHS Mentors
PHS Mentors Bruce and Connie Dowdy with students Robert Ramirez, Raymon Oliva Espinoza and Guadalupe Alfaro.

PHS mentorsPHS Mentors Randy Drake, Cary Bass and PHS assistant principal Dr. Steve Martin.