Eight Pasadena ISD Schools Earn All STAAR Distinctions from TEA

Eight Pasadena ISD Schools Earn All STAAR Distinctions from TEA
Posted on 09/16/2016

 The Texas Education Agency announced that eight Pasadena ISD schools are among 400 across the state to earn all possible distinction designations in the 2016 state accountability system – not only achieving a Met Standard rating but also earning upwards of seven distinction designations.

A total of 47 of the 60 Pasadena ISD rated campuses earned at least one distinction designation in various categories, an increase of 11 campuses from the previous year. A total of 132 total distinctions were earned by Pasadena ISD schools.

The schools that have captured all the distinction designations are Miller Intermediate, Lomax and Milstead Middle Schools, and Atkinson, Bailey, Meador, Parks, and South Belt Elementary Schools.

“Pasadena ISD works year-round to ensure students are confident learners who excel academically,” said Dr. DeeAnn Powell, Pasadena ISD school superintendent. “Our students and staff continue to meet and beat the standards set by the state. This is one more reason to be Pasadena ISD proud.”

Distinction designations are awarded to campuses in recognition of outstanding achievement in academic areas in addition to those evaluated under state accountability. Campus distinctions are based on indicators of student performance in comparison to 40 similar campuses across the state. Up to seven distinction designations can be captured for:

  • Academic achievement in English Language Arts/Reading
  • Academic achievement in Mathematics
  • Academic achievement in Science
  • Academic achievement in Social Studies
  • Top 25 percent: Student Progress
  • Top 25 Percent: Closing Performance Gaps
  • Postsecondary Readiness

High School and Intermediate

High school and intermediate campuses are eligible for up to seven distinction designations.

Jackson and Southmore Intermediate Schools earned six of the seven possible distinction designations.

Bondy Intermediate earned five of the possible seven distinction designations.

San Jacinto, South Houston and Thompson Intermediate earned three out of the seven distinction designations.

Pasadena Memorial, Beverly Hills and Queens Intermediate achieved two out of the seven distinction designations.

Dobie, Pasadena and South Houston High Schools earned one of seven distinction designations.

Middle Schools

Middle schools can earn up to six distinction designations.

In the middle school division, Melillo earned five of six distinction designations. Kendrick and Roberts earned three distinction designations. Keller was recognized with two distinction designations, followed by Schneider and Shaw which earned one of the possible six in the academic areas.  

Elementary Schools

Elementary schools can earn as many as five distinction designations.

In the elementary division, Golden Acres Elementary was the only campus to capture four out of five distinction designations.

Five elementary campuses were recognized for obtaining three of the five distinction designations including Jensen, Moore, Pomeroy, Red Bluff, and Sparks.

Four campuses earned two of the five designations. These include Fisher, Frazier, Kruse and Pearl Hall.

Eleven elementary campuses received one of the distinction designations, including Bush, Freeman, Gardens, Garfield, Matthys, Morales, South Houston, South Shaver, Teague, Turner, and Young.