Video: PISD Big Shoot Out Winners

Video: PISD Big Shoot Out Winners
Posted on 02/13/2018

By: Jade Wise
PISD Communications

Pasadena ISD elementary and intermediate students recently participated in the district’s Big Shoot Out competition at Phillips Fieldhouse.

The competition focuses on developing core basketball skills of dribbling, passing, and shooting. The students who competed were campus “Champions” representing each of our 36 elementary schools and 11 middle schools. Medals were presented to the first, second, and third place winners in each grade level for girls and boys.

Third Grade Winners:

Third Grade Boys
Third Grade Boys: (L to R) Josiah Vela, Mae Smythe; Joseph Hernandez, Red Bluff; Christian Ellis, Bush

Third Grade Girls Winners
Third Grade Girls: (L to R) Jacey Carroll, Turner; Regan Lewis, Fisher; Amaya Rodriguez, Sparks

Fourth Grade Winners:

Fourth Grade Boys
Fourth Grade boys: (L to R) Adam Williams, Stuchbery; Gonzalo Zapata, Mae Smythe; Jayden Ramos, Morales

Fourth Grade Girls
Fourth Grade Girls: (L to R): Caryme Molina, Fisher; Audrey Volper, Atkinson; Madison Calderon, McMasters

Fifth Grade Winners:

Fifth Grade Boys
Fifth Grade Boys: (L to R): Charles Martinez, De Zavala; Michael Mathews, De Zavala; Mizael Olivo-Urbina; Schneider

Fifth Grade 2
(L to R): Jordan Buckner, Lomax; P.E. Coach Andy Williams, Lomax 

Fifth Grade Girls
Fifth Grade Girls: (L to R): Tahllon Provost, Morris; Chardel Terrell, Melillo; Marie Martinez, Roberts

Sixth Grade Winners:

sixth grade boys
Sixth Grade Boys: (L to R): Kai Conerly, Roberts; Tomas Villareal, Schneider; Kyler Thomas, Morris

Baxter sixth grade winner
(L to R): P.E. Coach John Story, Shaw; Jaydan Baxter, Shaw; Assistant Principal Shelly Mitchell, Shaw; Principal Darby Hickman, Shaw

Sixth Grade Girls Winners
Sixth Grade Girls: (L to R): Gwen McGrew, Schneider; Ke’Asia Thomas, Melillo; Ayah Palomares, Melillo