Parents & Students


Happy Thanksgiving

From the Desk of Dr. Kirk Lewis


I am thankful today for students with a deep desire to learn who eagerly respond to every academic challenge.

I am grateful for parents who support the district and partner with us to give our students every advantage to be successful.  

I’m thankful for the teachers who challenge students. I’m thankful for the teachers who make connections that engage students in their own learning.  

I am grateful for a community who believes in the district and trusts us to always do what is best for our kids.  

I am grateful for support staff in every department who sweat all things large and small in and around our buildings, our buses, our cafeterias, with our equipment and technology so teachers and principals can concentrate on students.

I am grateful for clerical staff who keep us organized and on track.  

I’m thankful for administrators who see the possibility of greatness in each teacher and each student and who set the high expectations for success.

I am thankful for administrators who encourage staff and students by staying so powerfully positive in the face of enormous pressure.

I am grateful for the innovative ideas and the constant willingness of our employees to stretch themselves in order to be the best.  

I’m grateful for a school board that commits itself and our resources to the students and staff and brags continuously in the community about the district.

I am grateful to serve among such amazing individuals who share an unbridled passion and deep-seated commitment to our students.  

This Thanksgiving I am grateful for everything that is Pasadena ISD.


Kirk Lewis