Intermediate School Summer Information

Summer School - Intermediate Information

Intermediate Summer School

2016-2017 School Year

Summer School will be from Tuesday,
June 6th through Thursday, June 22nd
(Includes June 9th and 16th)

  • Student Hours  9:00-1:00
  • Teacher Hours  8:45-1:15
  • June 20th and 21st are testing days
    • Retention students will attend on testing day
  • All students attend the full time each day
    • Students pay $65 per non-SSI course
    • SSI only students
      • Finish on either Tuesday, June 20th (Math) or Wednesday, June 21st (Reading) depending on the subject(s) needed
    • Retention students take 2 courses
      • Math and Reading have priority if students fail more than 2
      • Writing will be offered as the second course for any student failing only one subject.

Intermediate Summer School

If Students Fail:

Class 1

Class 2

Reading STAAR, no classes (8th grade)

Reading SSI (Free)

Math STAAR, no classes (8th grade)

Math SSI (Free)

Math STAAR and Reading STAAR (8th grade)

Reading SSI (Free)

Math SSI (Free)

Reading STAAR, reading class

Reading SSI ($65 Charge)

Math STAAR, math class

Math SSI ($65 Charge)

Reading STAAR, 1 or more classes (other than reading)

Reading SSI (Free)

Retention Class ($65 Charge)

Math STAAR, 1 or more classes (other than math)

Math SSI (Free)

Retention Class ($65 Charge)

1 class $65 per failed class

Failed Class ($65)


2 classes $65 per failed class

Failed Class 1 ($65)

Failed Class 2 ($65)

More than 2 classes enrolls at Principal discretion $65 per failed class

Priority to math and reading


Intermediate Site 1 – South Houston Intermediate

PM: Jaclyn Sweet

APMs: Trevor Parker

Testing/Counselor: Patricia Goodman

Intermediate Site 2 – Southmore Intermediate

PM: Jenifer “Kirby” Anderson

APMs: Yolanda Rios

Testing/Counselor: Dana Bradshaw







San Jacinto


South Houston


Park View


SPED ESYS June 12-29 and July 1 - August 3 Grades 6-12 at Sam Rayburn