AAR Academic Achievement Record
504 Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
AA African American
ABLE Academic and Behavior Learning Environment
ACCESS Alternative Curriculum Centered for Exceptional Student Success
ACE Accelerated Curriculum Education
ACES Adult and Community Education System
ACET Association of Compensatory Educators for Texas
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
ADA Average Daily Attendance
ADD Attention Deficit Disorder
ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
AEA Alternative Education Accountability
AEC Alternative Education Campus
AEFLA Adult Education and Family Literacy Act
AEIS Academic Excellence Indicator System
AEP Alternative Education Program
AI Auditory Impairment
AMAOs Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives
AODA Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse
AP Advanced Placement
AP Assistant Principal
APR Annual Performance Report
AR At-Risk
ARD Admission, Review, and Dismissal
ARRA American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Stimulus) 
ASCD Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
ASEP Accountability System for Educator Preparation
askTED Texas Education Directory
ASL American Sign Language 
AT Assistive Technology
ATCP Alterantive Teacher Certification Program
ATS Adult Transition Services
AU Autism
AYP Adequate Yearly Progress
BE Bilingual Education
BIP Behavior Intervention Plan
BSS Behavior Support Services 
BTIM Beginning Teacher Induction and Mentoring
CAFR Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports
CAN Comprehensive Needs Assessment
CARS Center for Academic & Reading Skills
CATE Career and Technology Education
CBM Curriculum Based Measurement
CCSRI Center for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement
CCSSO Council of Chief State School Officers
CD Cognitive Disability
CEHI Compensatory Education Home Instruction
CF Child Find
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CFT Communities Foundation of Texas
CI Comparable Improvement
CIMP Continuous Improvement Monitoring Process
CIP Campus Improvement Plan
CIP Continuous Improvement Plan
CIRCLE Center for Improving the Readiness of Children for Reading and Education
CIS Communities In Schools
CIT Campus Intervention Team
CJD The Governor’s Criminal Justice Division
CLC Collaborative Learning Center
CLEP College-Level Examination Program
COE Certificate of Eligibility
CRCG Community Resource Coordination Groups
CRI College Readiness Indicator
CSPD Comprehensive System for Personnel Development
CSR Confidential Student Report
CTE Career and Technical Education
CTED Career and Technical Education for the Disabled
DADAP Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program
DAEP Disciplinary Alternative Education Program
DAP Distinguished Achievement Program
DARS Texas Department of Assistive & Rehabilitative Services
DAS Data Analysis System
DATE District Awards for Teacher Excellence
DB DeafBlind
DIP District Improvement Plan
DOE Department of Education 
DOJ Department of Justice
DPH Due Process Hearing
DSHS Texas Department of State Health Services
DVM Data Validation Monitoring
EBD Emotional Behavioral Disability (formerly ED)
ECI Early Childhood Intervention
ECO Early Childhood Outcomes
ED Economically Disadvantaged
ED Emotionally Disturbed
EDGAR Education Department General Administrative Regulations
EE Early Education
EEO Equal Educational Opportunity
EIA Emergency Impact Aid
EIS Early Intervention Services
ELA English Language Acquisition
ELAR English Language Arts and Reading
ELL English Language Learner
EMAT Educational Materials Online
EMO Educational Management Organization
ENAR CIT Needs Assessment and Evaluation
EOC Emergency Operations Center
EOC End-of-Course Assessment
ERCs Education Research Centers
ESC Education Service Center
ESEA Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965
ESL English as a Second Language
ESY Extended School Year
ETAC Educational Technology Advisory Committee
ETCC Educational Technology Coordinating Council
FAPE Free Appropriate Public Education
FAR Financial Accountability System Resource Guide
FAY Full Academic Year
FBA Functional Behavioral Assessment
FCR Full Compliance Review
FDA Focused Data Analysis
FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
FIE Full and Individual Evaluation
FIRST Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas
FSP Foundation School Program
FTE Full Time Equivalent
FY Fiscal Year
GASB34 Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement no. 34 
GEAR UP Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs
GED General Educational Development 
GEH General Education Homebound
GEPA General Education Provisions Act
GPA Gold Performance Acknowledgment
GPA Grade Point Average
GPC Grade Placement Committee Forms 
H Hispanic
HEP High School Equivalency Program
HERA Hurricane Education Recovery Act
HERC Higher Education Readiness Component
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountabilitiy Act
HIPPY Home Instruction Program for Pre school Youngsters
HLS Home Language Survey
HO Hearing Officer
HOSTS Helping One Student to Succeed
HOUSSE High, Objective, Uniform State Standard of Evaluation
HQT Highly Qualified Teacher
HSS Horizontal Scale Score
HUB Historically Underutilized Business Opportunities
IASA Improving America's Schools Act of 1994, amends ESEA of 1965
IB International Baccalaureate
ICA Initial Compliance Analysis
ICD - International Classification of Diseases
ICFG Investment Capital Fund Grant 
ICR Initial Compliance Review
ID&R Identification and Recruitment
IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IEE Independent Educational Evaluation
IEP Individualized Education Plan
IFM Integrated Funds Management
IFSP Individualized Family Services Plan
IHE Institution of Higher Education
ILD Instructional Leadership Development 
InVEST Vendor Evaluation and Selection Tool
ISAM Intervention State and Activity Manager
ISS In-School Suspension
ITP Individual Transition Plan
JJAEP Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program
LAT Linguistically Accommodated Testing
LD Learning Disability
LD Learning Disabled
LDAA Locally Determined Alternative Assessment
LEA Local Education Agency (school district)
LEP Limited English Proficient
LEP Limited English Proficient 
LOTE Languages Other Than English
LPAC Language Proficiency Assessment Committee
LRE Least Restrictive Environment
LUCHA Language Learners from the University of Texas Center for Hispanic Achievement
M1 Monitor 1 - One year after exit from LEP status
M2 Monitor 2 - Two years after exit from LEP status
MAC Medicaid Administrative Claiming
MD Multiple Disabilities
MDR Manifestation Determination Review
MEP Migrant Education Program
MOE Maintenance of Effort
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MR Mental Retardation
MRT Master Reading Teacher
MSR Minimum Size Requirements
MSRP Monitoring & State Improvement Planning Division
NAEP National Assessment of Educational Progress
NAL National Academic League
NCDS National Comparative Data Study
NCEO National Center on Educational Outcomes
NCES National Center for Education Statistics
NCLB No Child Left Behind
NDPC National Dropout Prevention Center
NGS New Generation System
NHR National Honor Roll
NHS National Honor Society
NMSC National Merit Scholarship Corporation
NOGA Notice of Grant Award
NPRM Notice of Proposed Rule Making
NR Not Rated
NSDC National Staff Development Council
NSF National Science Foundation
NSLP National School Lunch Program
OCIO Office of the Chief Information Officer, US Dept. of Education
OCR Office for Civil Rights
OEYP Optional Extended Year Program
OFSDP Optional Flexible School Day Program
OFYP Optional Flexible School Year Program
OHI Other Health Impairment
OI Orthopedic Impairment
OI Orthopedic Impairment
OIG Office of the Inspector General, US Dept. of Education
OMB Office of Management & Budget
ORR Open Records Request
OSEP Office of Special Education Programs
OSS Out-of-school Suspension
PA Program Access
PAC Parent Advisory Committee
PACER Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights
PBIS Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports
PBM Performance Based Monitoring
PBMAS Performance Based Monitoring Analysis System
PBS Positive Behavior Support
PDAS Professional Development and Appraisal System
PE Physical Education
PEG Public Education Grant
PEIMS Public Education Information Management System
PEP Pregnancy, Education, and Parenting Programs
PER Program Effectiveness Review
PET PID Enrollment Tracking
PFAI Physical Fitness Assessment Initiative 
PGA Perkins Grant Application
PID Personal Identification Database
PIL Parent Information Line
PIRTS Public Information Request Tracking System
PJSA Professional Judgment Special Analysis
PK Prekindergarten
PL Performance Level
PL Public Law (federal law)
PLA Persistently Low Achievement
PMI Program Monitoring and Interventions
PNL Parent Notification Letter
PPCD Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities
PRS Pregnancy Related Services
PSF Permanent School Fund
PSP Professional Service Provider
PTA Parent Teacher Association
QAD Qualifying Arrival Date
QIR Quarterly Implementation Report
QSCB Qualified School Construction Bond Program
QZAB Qualified Zone Academy Bond Program
RADA Refined Average Daily Attendance
RDSPD Regional Day School Programs for the Deaf 
RFA Request for Application
RFI Request for Information
RFO Request for Offer
RFP Request for Proposal
RFQ Request for Qualifications
RHSP Recommended High School Program
RI Required Improvement
RLISP Rural Low Income School Program
ROPER Registry of Parent Educators Resources
RPTE Reading Proficiency Test in English
RTI Response to Intervention
SA State Agency
SAAC Student Assessment Advisory Committee
SAF Superintendent Approval Form
SAHE State Agency for Higher Education
SAS standard application system
SBEC State Board for Educator Certification
SBOE State Board of Education
SC School Choice
SCE State Compensatory Education
SDAA State-Developed Alternative Assessment
SDFSC Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities
SE Special Education
SEA State Education Agency (Texas Education Agency)
SEDL Southwest Educational Development Laboratory
SENS Statewide Education Notification System
SES Socio Economic Status
SES Supplemental Educational Services
SHARS School Health and Related Services 
SI Speech or Language Impairment
SIFA Schools Interoperability Framework Association
SIG School Improvement Grants
SIOP Sheltered Instructional Observational Protocol
SIP School Improvement Program
SIRC School Improvement Resource Center
SLA/R Spanish Language Arts/Reading
SLP School Leaver Provision
SLR Student-Level Review
SPEARS Special Education Ad Hoc Reporting System
SPED Special Education
SPP State Performance Plan
SRC School Report Card
SRCS Texas School Ready Certification System
SRSA Small Rural School Achievement Program
SSA Shared Services Arrangement
SSI Student Success Initiative
SSW School Start Window
STAAR State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness
STaR School Technology and Readiness
SUCCESS Students Utilizing Curriculum Concepts for Succeeding in Society
TA&D Centers Technical Assistance & Dissemination Centers
TAAS Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (previous state assessment system)
TAC Texas Administrative Code (State Board of Education rules)
TAKS Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills
TAKS-A Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills-Accommodated
TAKS-Alt Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills-Alternate
TAKS-M Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills-Modified
TALA Texas Adolescent Literacy Academies 
TANF Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
TAP Technical Assistance Provider
TARGET Technology Applications Readiness Grant for Empowering Texas
TASA Texas Association of School Administrators
TASB Texas Association of School Boards
TASSP Texas Association of Secondary School Principals
TAT Technical Assistance Team
TBEC Texas Business and Education Coalition
TBI Traumatic Brain Injury
TBSI Texas Behavior Supports Initiative
TCASE Texas Council of Administrators of Special Education
TCIP Texas Continuous Improvement Process
TCR Targeted Compliance Review
TDCARSI Texas Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting System Investigation Recommendations Report 
TEA Texas Education Agency
TEAMS Texas Educating Adults Management System
TEASE Texas Education Agency Secure Environment
TEC Texas Education Code (state law)
TEEG Texas Educator Excellence Grant
TEEM Texas Early Education Model
TEKS Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
TELPAS Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System
TEPSA Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association
TETN Texas Education Telecommunication Network
TEX Texas Educator Exchange
TExES Texas Examinations of Educator Standards
TEXTEAMS Texas Teachers Empowered in Mathematics and Science
TGI Texas Growth Index
THECB Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
THEO Texas Homeless Education Office 
TIMSS Third International Mathematics and Science Study
TIP Duke Talent Identification Program
TLI Texas Learning Index
TLP Turnaround Leader Program
TMHP Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership
TMIP Texas Migrant Interstate Program
TMSDS Texas Math and Science Diagnostic System
TOP Texas Observational Protocol
TPEIR Texas P16 Public Education Information Resource
TPIA Texas Public Information Act
TPM Texas Projection Measure
TPRI Texas Primary Reading Inventory
TPSW Texas Public Schools Week
TREx Texas Records Exchange System 
TSBVI Texas School for the Visually Impaired
TSD Texas School for the Deaf
TSDS Texas Student Data System
TSI Texas Success Initiative
TSR Teacher Self Report
T-STEM Texas Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
TTIPS Texas Title I Priority Schools Grant
TWC Texas Workforce Commission
TxBESS Texas Beginning Educator Support System
TXCC Texas Comprehensive Center
TxPEP Principal Excellence Program 
TxVSN Texas Virtual School Network
TYC Texas Youth Commission
UGMS Uniform Grant Management Standards
UIL University Interscholastic League
UMIRS Uniform Management Information Reporting System
USDE United States Department of Education
VI Visual impairment
VOE Verification of Enrollment
VR Vocational rehabilitation
VSS Vertical Scale Score
W White
Weighted Average Daily Attendance
WebER Web Expenditure Reporting
WIA Workforce Investment Act
YRE Year-Round Education