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The Middle School Concept

Middle schools to provide transition
from elementary to intermediate school

The middle school concept serves as a transition between elementary and intermediate schools. New campuses, housing fifth and sixth graders, will provide more intense instruction directed specifically at those students that many feel are too old for elementary school and too young for intermediate school. 

The recommended plan calls for the eventual creation of 10 middle schools in Pasadena ISD. Schneider Middle School opened at the beginning of the 2006-07 school year. Carter Lomax and Ernesteen Milstead middle schools will open next school year. Each middle school will be paired with several surrounding elementary schools and one intermediate school. They will establish, as closely as possible, a true feeder pattern from kindergarten through eighth grade in which all students at an elementary school will attend the same middle school and those students will attend the same intermediate school. 

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The opening of De Zavala Fifth Grade Center in 2002 and the Billie and Kathleen Morris Fifth Grade Center in 2004 will provide an easy transition into the middle school concept. Under the proposed plan, the two schools will add sixth grade and become middle schools, serving the Jackson and Beverly Hills areas, respectively. 

Five additional middle schools will be built in the initial phase of construction. These schools will serve the areas around Southmore, Bondy, Miller, Thompson and South Houston. The final three middle schools, serving Queens, San Jacinto and Park View will be added later.

The Pasadena ISD was among the first districts in the nation to develop the intermediate school concept in 1962 when Queens Intermediate was converted from an elementary school to an intermediate campus housing grades 6-8. Previously, the district's junior high schools housed grades 7-9. Former Superintendent George Thompson's "Pasadena Plan" earned state and national recognition for the district. The pilot program at Queens was such a success it spread to the other schools the following year. At the time, Thompson said, "Times change. A school district's responsibility is to keep changing to meet the needs of its students."

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