Meet Our Administration

  Dr. DeeAnn Powell,  Superintendent of Schools
  Dr. Karen Hickman, Deputy Superintendent, Academic Achievement 
  Kevin Fornof,Associate Superintendent, Facilities and Construction
  Dr. Steve Fullen, Associate Superintendent, Campus Development 
  Barbara Fuqua,Associate Superintendent, Accountability and Compliance
  Gloria Gallegos,Associate Superintendent, Special Programs
  Alyta Harrell, Associate Superintendent, Campus Development 
  Dr. Troy McCarley,  Associate Superintendent, Projects Planning and Communications
  Toni Lopez, Associate Superintendent, Human Resources
  Dr. Rhonda Parmer, Associate Superintendent, Campus Development 
  John Piscacek, Associate Superintendent, Business and Finance
  Dr. Angela Stallings, Associate Superintendent, Campus Development 
  Arthur Allen, Associate Superintendent for Business & Technology Services
  Jodie Kennemer, General Counsel