34 PISD Counseling Programs Recognized for Reinforcing Excellence in Texas

34 PISD Counseling Programs Recognized for Reinforcing Excellence in Texas
Posted on 01/13/2022
34 PISD Counseling Programs Recognized for Reinforcing Excellence in Texas

The counseling programs at 34 Pasadena ISD schools have been named “Counselors Reinforcing Excellence in the State of Texas” (CREST) award winners for the 2021-2022 school year.

CREST, which is sponsored by the Texas School Counselor Association (TSCA), recognizes schools that demonstrate the very best in school counseling. 

Honorees are selected for successfully providing classroom guidance, college and career readiness tools and for supporting students’ social and emotional needs. 

Through CREST, counselors have the opportunity to highlight their campus programs and show how they support their students and school.

“CREST award highlights school counselors who are dedicated and willing to continually improve by evaluating and showcasing their comprehensive school counseling programs,” said Robin Harold, PISD Counselor Coordinator.

All schools throughout the state are eligible to apply for the CREST award. Schools are evaluated in seven categories: principal’s comments, school counseling advisory council, school climate and safety, student results, major achievements, community partnerships/resources, and parent collaboration.

“I love that our counselors, even in the middle of a pandemic, have taken the time to reflect on and improve their work.  Perfect timing for our kids who have been through so much and need extra emotional support in order to accomplish all of which they are capable.” said Dr. Hickman, Deputy Supt for Acad. Achieve.

CREST winners are recognized during an awards ceremony during the TSCA conference in February.

2021-2022 CREST Winners

Elementary Mae Smythe, Leah Minter (1st year) L F Smith, Araceli Rodriguez (1st year) Pomeroy, Nora Hernandez(1st year) Gardens, Liliana Garza (2nd year) Fisher, Royce Henley (2nd year) Freeman, Ilsa Garza(3rd year) Pearl Hall, Brenda Gutierrez (2nd year)  Young, Monica Herrick (2nd year) Kruse, Cindy Resendez (1st year) Turner, Stephanie Venegas(1st year) Meador, Tara Merida (3rd year) Richey, Noel Becerra (1st year) Matthys, Blanca Regalado(1st year) Williams, Lidia Pena (1st year) Teague, Amy Campos (2nd year) Hancock, Stacey Gomez (1st year) Sparks, Dana Babineaux (1st year) Garfield, Elizabeth Aceves (1st year) Red Bluff, Melisa Nichols (2nd year)
Middle School Schneider (5th year), Danielle Knightand Santana Fairley Keller (3rd year), Tracy Skripka & Shari Harris  Sullivan (1st year), Jordan Lewis & Guillermo Acuna Lomax (2nd year), Tara Crum & Gloria Zavala Shaw (2nd year), Melissa Loza, Nicole Bhuyan & Maricella Escamilla  Kendrick, (1st year) Soranjel Pena & Bryan Axtell DeZavala (1st year), Jana Petty & Laura Zamora Bejar Morris (1st year), Lindsey Fagan& Kim Edwards
Intermediate Bondy Intermediate,(1st year) Tierika Kinsey & Renida Estrada Southmore Intermediate, (1st year) Mandy Wells & Kristy Lewis San Jacinto Intermediate, (1st year) Jessica Casteel & Brenda Saenz Jackson Intermediate, (2nd year) Jacquelyn Trejo & Angella Gencarelli South Houston Intermediate, (1st year) Lauren Johns& Valarie French  Miller Intermediate, (2nd year), Leticia Sanchez & Laura Rodriguez
High School Rayburn HS, (1st year), Tamara Hayman (Lead Counselor),Erin Amaro, Karen Villavicencio, Stacy Cooper, Joshua Castro, Nancy Silvestre, Celia Hernandez, Naomi San Miguel, Sarah Carnes, and Audra Lozano