Posted on 03/01/2022

Due to COVID-19 restrictions last school year, Pasadena ISD's annual Big Shoot Out competition was canceled.

The much-anticipated district-wide basketball competition, which attracts students from third to sixth grade, returned once again to give them a chance to showcase and brush up on their skills at Phillips Field House.

"It was very evident (last year) that we lost some of the connection with our community without events like these…I’m glad we are back," said Amber Macneish, physical education (P.E.)/health and wellness coordinator.

Participating students advanced to the district-level Big Shoot Out event after qualifying through campus-level tryouts. 

Each participant was evaluated on their speed, dribbling and shooting capabilities. The top-scoring students from each school were then invited to the final competition at Phillips. 

Bright smiles illuminated the floor as the crowd of family and friends cheered on competitors. 

P.E. and athletics staff were thrilled to see students competing and sharpening their skills together once again. 

"These are lifetime memories…these kids will remember this…getting to go to the big gym," said Dr.Rhonda Palmer, associate superintendent of campus development. 

"This competition builds that competitive spirit for when they are older and in the athletic arena... We're building the future generation of athletes," said Rupert Jaso, athletics director of PISD.

What ultimately makes the Big Shoot Out program so effective is its ability to involve every student in PISD. 


"Every kid in our district is given the opportunity to participate in this program, despite being a champion or not...Every kid has had a chance to learn these basketball skills," said Macneish.

Big Shoot Out would not be possible without the vision of the P.E./Health and wellness department and the support of all Pasadena ISD physical education teachers who helped  facilitate the competition. 

“I’m so thankful for our P.E. teachers…they believe wholeheartedly in physical activity and teaching these skills from the day we get these kiddos in kindergarten," said Macneish. 

Below are all the winners of the Big Shoot Out: