Pasadena ISD Launches Digital Flyers

Pasadena ISD launches digital flyers
Posted on 10/31/2019
PeachjarPasadena ISD improves school-to-home communication by implementing Peachjar to distribute school flyers directly to families digitally.

Pasadena ISD is committed to educational excellence and ensuring that parents stay informed about important activities and events that enhance their child’s life. In an effort to improve parent and community engagement, Pasadena ISD is now using Peachjar to send digital flyers directly to our families by email.

Digital flyers will be sent directly to parents who see them as visually engaging images right on their smartphone or computer screen. Additionally, parents can select the Peachjar button on their child’s school website to see all posted flyers.

By using this new system, Pasadena ISD expects to eliminate the need to print roughly 5,628,000 pieces of paper per year– nearly 675 trees.