Pasadena Students Raise $251,000 at HLSR Art Auction

Pasadena Students Raise $251,000 at Houston LSR Art Auction
Posted on 03/22/2024
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Pasadena Students Raise $251,000 at Houston LSR Art Auction

For over 50 years, the Houston Livestock, Show and Rodeo (LSR) School Art Program has showcased 130 schools and students throughout the state of Texas who've shown immense talent on and off the canvas. This impactful program has allowed Pre-K through 12th grade students in the Houston area and other surrounding cities to show their work to an extensive audience, and respected individuals. 

Not only do these remarkable artists obtain an opportunity to earn scholarships, and receive a percentage of all auction sales, they are also able to further develop their skills.  Students participating are invited to attend a summer workshop in collaboration with the Western Art Academy at Schreiner University. This provides students with an experience to learn from artists that are established and already in the field.

Although students receive much praise for entering and even winning the competition, the most rewarding benefit is displaying their artwork in the Hayloft Gallery during the HLSR and Rodeo's Art Competition.

Since 2010, Pasadena ISD has participated as one of those 130 schools to show their artwork in the Art Competition and Auction, and as the district has continued to grow, so has the exceptional and gifted Fine Arts Program. 


Fine arts in Pasadena ISD is more than a singular painted image; instead, the district caters to students through passionate teachers, dedicated mindsets, engaging curriculum, and a resounding effort to amplify students' most complex thoughts and dreams to create a story through all artistic mediums. 


Preparation of artwork for the Houston LRS takes more than what looks pleasing to the eye. Every artist had to focus on technique, a mastered medium, companionship, and passion within their artwork, telling a story and opening a realm of true imagination through imagery. In this intense and selective competition, 800 students competed to be featured, with only 72 being selected.


Read below to learn more about our talented fine- art student winners. 

Lot #5 Grand Champion, Joshua W. -Pasadena Memorial- $55,000 (Mixed Medium)  “Heart and Sole”

Lot #17, Allisyn S. -Dobie- $45,000 (Painting) “A Riders Prayer”

Lot #21, Ethan A. -Pasadena Memorial- $42,000 (Monochromatic Drawing) “It’s A Hard Choice”

Lot #23, Michelle T. -Pasadena Memorial- $30,000 (Colored painting) “Whispers of The Endless trail”

Lot #27, Mia G. -Pasadena Memorial- $25,000 (Painting) “The Daring Dance” 

Lot #39, Allisen A. -Sam Rayburn- $12,000 (Monochromatic Drawing) “The Start of A Fellowship”

Lot #42, Stephanie A. -Pasadena High- $18,000 (Monochromatic Drawing) “Ropin In Style”

Lot #47, Andy J. -Sam Rayburn- $12,000 (Colored Drawings) “It’s Not A Sport. It’s A Lifestyle” 

Lot #55. Lydia G. -Dobie- $12,000 (Monochromatic Drawing) “On The Fence”

Premium 3D Award - Ellie C. - Pasadena Memorial 

Students are tested, admired, and congratulated as they take on such a challenging experience in this auction. As years have passed, Pasadena ISD Fine Arts students have produced some of the most compelling artwork the competition has seen, earning several grand and reserved champion-winning art pieces and over a million dollars in profits. They continue to be a driving force in the art community. 


Assistant Director of Fine Arts Gabriel Flores expressed how impactful this auction is for current artists and possible newcomers: "Winning is contagious, not qualifying and coming back hungry is the motivation for our students… our program motivates them and prepares students for college and careers”.


In Pasadena ISD, students learn more than just an artistic medium, they have a chance to grow through their lives by traveling to competitions, networking with professionals in the industry, gaining the opportunity to imprint their talents in the art circuit, and opening the conversation of “what’s next”.


Students like Joshua W., who has been to the HLSR Art Auction the last three consecutive years and even placed first in the 8th grade Jr. High-Class Champion in 2022, understands the pressure of this competition and has exceeded all expectations as he represents Pasadena ISD. Additionally, Dobie High student Allisyn S., who has only participated in the auction twice and was even invited to the Western Art Academy, goes beyond your average student artist as she demonstrates an element of untouched skillmanship. 


Seeing such ability and commitment displayed by Pasadena ISD students is simply noteworthy. Their imagination, expertise, and intricate work were evident in each piece, mirroring their creative capacities and obligation to greatness at Pasadena ISD.