Solar Eclipse on April 8th - Fun and Learning for PISD Students!

Solar Eclipse on April 8th - Fun and Learning for All Pasadena ISD Students!
Posted on 03/28/2024
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On Monday, April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will cross North America, passing over Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

The solar eclipse will begin in Houston at approximately 12:20 p.m., with maximum coverage of the sun happening around 1:40 p.m. At that time, approximately 94% of the sun will be covered by the moon passing directly between the Sun and the Earth!  Pasadena ISD schools are planning exciting activities and valuable learning opportunities for all of our students - kindergarten through 12th grade! 

With such a monumental event occurring during the school day, Pasadena ISD will be conducting outside viewing opportunities, weather permitting. Because student safety is our number one priority, each of our campuses has been provided with NASA-approved, ISO-certified solar eclipse glasses.  Proper use of these glasses will protect viewers' eyes from serious injury, including permanent damage to the eyes. 

Students and families are encouraged to review and discuss this safety information: 
All students will be provided with approved eclipse viewing glasses. Students must use the district-provided viewing glasses - no other viewing materials may be used.

Students should listen carefully to safety information provided by the campus including -

  • Never look directly at the sun without proper use of certified solar eclipse viewing glasses. 
  • Proper, certified eclipse glasses and solar filters are the only safe options like:
  • Sunglasses, binoculars, telescopes, non-certified, or damaged optical devices can't be used.
  • If you are uncertain about whether a filter or viewing device is safe, don't use it. Avoid all risks. 

Students will be expected to follow instructions from their teachers at all times. 

Elementary Parents can access this Permission Form and find more on this Classroom & Activities Page.  

Middle, Intermediate, and High School Parents can opt out of this activity if they do not want their child to participate by using this Opt-Out Form and find more on this Classroom Information & Activities Page.

Pasadena ISD is looking forward to engaging in this exciting experience with our students and staff. Following this 2024 eclipse, the next total solar eclipse that will be seen in the United States will be on Aug. 23, 2044. 

If you have questions, families are encouraged to contact your child’s school. 

Families can use this link to watch a Livestream of the eclipse at