South Belt Elementary opens interactive playground

South Belt Elementary opens interactive playground
Posted on 09/19/2019
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By: Kadey Heidrich
PISD Communications


A new interactive playground opened at South Belt Elementary. The playground, created by the French Canadian company Lü, is one of only two in the state and features interactive displays with video game-like immersion.

Jason Watson, a PE teacher at South Belt Elementary, began to think about how interactive technology could be used as a tool in the classroom after viewing it at a birthday party that his daughter attended. As he researched interactive systems, Watson discovered Lü. After witnessing the student engagement promoted by Lü, Watson decided to implement the tool in his classroom.

Funding for the project was expected to take three to four years, however, with generous donations from the PISD Education Foundation and the Albermarle Foundation, the project was completed in about a year.

“We like the product so much because we can take daily skills we are teaching in PE class and implement them into a video game-like setting.  Students become more active and more engaged when physical activity becomes fun, exciting and different.  It creates a learning environment that the students are immediately drawn to.” said Watson.

Lü’s interactive projections keep students physically active by throwing, catching or passing, while encouraging them to solve reading and math problems. In addition to physical skills, students gain communication and teamwork skills.

Watson said that the change in student participation has been noticeable, especially in students who have disabilities. “Oftentimes, they are hesitant to participate but not when using the Lü system. The immersive environment makes it very engaging,” said Watson.

.Third-graders at South Belt Elementary using the Lü playground.