80 Pasadena ISD CTE students qualify for national and international competitions

80 Pasadena ISD CTE students qualify for national and international competitions
Posted on 04/12/2019
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Eighty Pasadena ISD CTE students have qualified for national and international competitions this year after recently competing in state competitions.
In March, CTHS welding students Alvaro Torres and Javier Armenta traveled to Long Beach, CA, where they were the only high school students in the country to participate in the National Craft Championship (NCC), a competition for welders currently employed in the industry. Torres placed first, marking the third time in four years that a CTHS welding student achieved the honor. 
Five marketing students will advance to the International DECA competition April 13-16 in Orlando, FL. 
Twenty-four will advance to the National Archery in the School Program (NASP) World Championship April 24-27 in Salt Lake City, UT. 
Fifteen will advance to the International HOSA competition June 19-22 in Orlando, FL. 
Two will advance in the National Skills USA Competition June 24-28 in Louisville, KY. 
Thirty-two will advance to the First World Robotics Championship April 17-20 in Houston, TX.
"Last year we had 51 students qualify for national or international competition, while this year we had 80," said Tanya Hagar, PISD executive director of Career and Technical Education. "Advancing to this level of competition is extremely difficult and is only possible through countless hours of after school and weekend preparation."
Pasadena ISD’s Career and Technical Education Department focuses on providing students with additional opportunities to help them transition to college or the workforce upon graduation. They highly encourage students to participate in Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) to enhance learning through contextual instruction, leadership and real world application. 

Lewis CTHS

Pasadena Memorial HS

Alvaro Torres, NCC
Javier Armenta, NCC

Brian DeLeon, HOSA

Jesus Carlos, SKILLS USA
Alfredo Rodriguez, SKILLS USA

Itzel Ayala, ROBOTICS
Marcus Bebawi, ROBOTICS
Rosalva Duran, ROBOTICS
Jessica Garfias, ROBOTICS
David Gomez, ROBOTICS
Mia Gonzalez, ROBOTICS
Kyus Gordon, ROBOTICS
Angel Herrera, ROBOTICS
Dardana Herrera, ROBOTICS
Colby Marbury, ROBOTICS
Jaquelin Marin, ROBOTICS
Freddy Molina, ROBOTICS
Adan Moreno, ROBOTICS
Eduardo Mozqueda, ROBOTICS
Juan Munoz, ROBOTICS
Brandon Norman, ROBOTICS
Thien Pham, ROBOTICS
Kimberly Salas, ROBOTICS
Brittany Salazar, ROBOTICS
Ashley Sanchez, ROBOTICS
Megan Scarcella, ROBOTICS
Jasmine Trujillo, ROBOTICS

Joshua Guardado, DECA

Damian Burgos, NASP
Douglas Caringer, NASP
Andrew Casey, NASP
Samantha Drennan, NASP
Teresita Flores, NASP
Kyle Garza, NASP
Adrian Gonzalez, NASP
Daniel Gonzalez, NASP
Jose Jaimes, NASP
Briyanne Jenkins, NASP
Danali Jimenez, NASP
Tiffany Messina, NASP
Robert Moes, NASP
Angela Mooney, NASP
Kyley Mullins, NASP
Daisy Olvera, NASP
Emily Olvera, NASP
Grace Orellana, NASP
Daniel Perez, NASP
Katarina Puente, NASP
Matthew Smith, NASP
Avery Speaks, NASP
Niha Thanu, NASP
Melanie Venancio, NASP

Javier Garcia, HOSA
Azucena Sonia Garza, HOSA

Ricardo Betancourt, ROBOTICS
Christine Osborne, ROBOTICS
Ryan Shugart, ROBOTICS


Dobie HS

Sam Rayburn HS

Maryam Badr, HOSA

Kennedy Ho, HOSA
Jennifer Nguyen, HOSA
Ashley Nguyen, HOSA
Thuyen Vu, HOSA

Sophia Colmenares, ROBOTICS
Benson Cubos, ROBOTICS
Henry Nguyen, ROBOTICS

Emmanuel Escobar, DECA

Maria Guzman, HOSA
Serena Hernandez, , HOSA
Hailey Roberts, HOSA
Jackie Morales, HOSA

Pasadena HS

Joana Anaya, ROBOTICS

South Houston HS

Park View Intermediate

Fabiola Trevino, DECA
Ashley Villareal, DECA
Rachel Zepeda, DECA

Landon Galvan, HOSA
Clarissa Ponce, HOSA
Mia Gallardo, HOSA