'Always a Longhorn,' Flores Tells Dobie Hall of Honor Celebrants

'Always a Longhorn,' Flores Tells Dobie Hall of Honor Celebrants
Posted on 03/01/2014
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Hall of Honor inductees and family representatives: Jim Stowe, brother of the late Jerry Stowe; Malcolm Jacobson, Col. Reginald Godbolt; Vicki Talton, widow of Scott Talton; Dobie Principal Franklin Moses; Robert Flores; Susan Simmons Sonier, fiancé of Danny Frye at the time of his death; Sabrina Bebee, mother of the late Robert Bebee; Trevor Cobb; and Ron Williams.
0444Robert Flores, one of eight Dobie High graduates inducted into the school’s Hall of Honor on Friday night, routinely greets a TV audience of millions as part of ESPN’s stable of pitch-perfect sports anchors.

But Flores routinely wiped away tears and as he addressed an audience of some 400 who turned out in the Dobie auditorium for the Longhorns’ second annual induction celebration. Speaking on behalf all the inductees, the 1988 Dobie grad paused several times to calm his cracking voice.

“This place will always be my home,” he said. “I will always be a Dobie Longhorn.”

The ceremony honored nine individuals, including one former faculty member -- the late Scott Talton, who served as the Longhorns’ head basketball coach for 27 years and rolled up 500 victories. Talton was represented by his widow, Vicki Talton, and his son, Scott Jr.

Three of the eight Dobie alumni inducted were also honored posthumously as “fallen heroes.” The three represented three different branches of public service.

Robert Bebee, a 1990 graduate who died last May while battling a fire for the Houston Fire Department, was represented by his mother, Sabrina Bebee.

Jerry Stowe, an Houston police officer who died in 2000 of injuries sustained in a mob beating, was presented by his twin brother, Jim Stowe, also a 1971 Dobie grad.

Danny Frye, who lost his life in a 1980 maritime accident involving the Coast Guard cutter to which he was assigned, was represented by Dobie graduate Susie Simmons Sonnier, who was engaged to Frye at the time of his death. Frye graduated in 1978.

Flores and three other Dobie grads were inducted for their career accomplishments in various fields. The group included Malcolm Jacobson, Class of 1980, an energy production expert and entrepreneur; Trevor Cobb, Class of 1989, a former Rice University football standout; and Col. Reginald Godbolt, Class of 1987, a U.S. Air Force Academy graduate and Iraq war veteran who currently commands an Air Force maintenance wing in Florida.

Ron Williams, Class of 1971, was inducted as a community volunteer. Williams and other family members own Central Ace Hardware, a generous contributor to Dobie and other Pasadena ISD projects for nearly four decades. Williams is currently CEO of the company.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kirk Lewis and Steve Jamail, one of three former Dobie principals in attendance, also addressed the audience.

Current Dobie Principal Franklin Moses spoke last, telling the inductees, “You are the very best that Dobie has to offer.”

Flores spoke passionately about growing up in the South Belt area and about Dobie’s role as a unifying element.

“This school,” he said, “is what brings this community together.”

He spoke about the many times he has returned to Houston only to find himself surprised about how little he actually knows about the metropolitan area. The reason, he said, was the tight, activity-rich South Belt community.

“We had it all right here!” he said.

Before the auditorium portion of the ceremony, inductees and family members were presented with a set of nine acrylic plaques. Each was immediately attached to the Hall of Honor wall in the main hall separating the front office from the cafeteria.

Dr. Lewis spoke about the impact that the Hall of Honor initiative will have on current and future Dobie students.

“I think of all the children who will pass through that hall,” he said, “and they will say, ‘That’s impressive to me.’ I want to thank each of you for the commitment that you have made.”

“This is a wonderful way,” Jamail said, “to show our Dobie pride.”

The 2014 class of inductees follows the inaugural group of 13 honored a year ago when the school formally unveiled the Hall of Honor, established to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of esteemed alumni, faculty and community volunteers.

Dobie Principal Franklin Moses greets the inductees and well-wishers in the Hall of Honor.

Trevor Cobb and Robert Flores unwrap their Hall of Honor plaque plates.

Col. Reginald Godbolt shows his plaque plate to the audience; Sabrina Bebee, the mother of inductee Robert Bebee, embraces her son's plate.

Jim Stowe, brother of the late Jerry Stowe; Vicki Talton, widow of Scott Talton, and community volunteer honoree Ron Williams.

Trevor Cobb gets a congratulatory hug from a friend.

Ron Williams holds up his plaque plate on the Hall of Honor wall; Steve Jamail, former Dobie principal, addresses the audience during the auditorium ceremony.

Members of the Dobie choir perform the national anthem.

Inductees are introduced to the audience.

Trevor Cobb with his wife and mother.

Family members of inductee Jerry Stowe.

Gallery of Dobie principals: Franklin Moses, Steve Jamail, Frank Braden and Jerry Ross Speer.

Jim Stowe, brother of Jerry Stowe, with Houston police officer Travis Williamson and Franklin Moses.


Dr. Kirk Lewis, Travis Williamson, Jim Stowe and Steve Jamail.

Susie Simmons Sonnier, representing Danny Frye, with Coast Guard Chief Timony J. Florez-Adams of Coast Guard Station Galveston.



Sabrina Bebee, mother of inductee Robert Bebee, with Houston Fire Department representative Hiram Ceballos.


Vicki Talton, widow of Scott Talton, with her son, Scott Jr.

Community volunteer inductee Ron Williams, Class of 1971.


Robert Flores.


Malcolm Jacobson.


Col. Reginald Godbolt.


Trevor Cobb.

Sabrina Bebee with Franklin Moses; inductees sing the Dobie Alma Mater.