‘We the’ students of Pasadena ISD celebrate Constitution Day 2013

‘We the’ students of Pasadena ISD celebrate Constitution Day 2013
Posted on 09/17/2013

  Constitution Day 2013Houston Bar Association volunteer Allison Byman, attorney with Hughes Watters Askanase, reads to Red Bluff Elementary School third graders in observance of Constitution Day.

  Schools district-wide celebrated the 226th anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution by participating in the Houston Bar Association’s Annual Reading Program.
  Each year, over 100 Houston Bar Association volunteers visit
local elementary schools in observance of National Constitution Day on Sept. 17 to educate students about importance of the event and the freedoms it provides for Americans.
  This year, McMasters and Red Bluff Elementary third graders were visited by attorneys James Greenwood and Allison Byman who took students on a historical journey back to the day the U.S. Constitution was signed by reading the children’s story John, Paul, George and Ben by Lane Smith.

  “I think it’s a really fun opportunity for kids to learn about their country and I love history so it’s also fun for me,” Byman said. “This is a good way to show that lawyers aren’t so scary so some students will aspire to be a lawyer one day.”

  At McMasters, Greenwood talked with stu
dents about his experience as an attorney and why he decided to practice law.
  “I wanted to help people,” he said.

  He said he was impressed with his audience.

  “I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and reading to McMasters students,” Greenwood said. “They are well behaved, attentive and they ask great questions.”

Constitution Day 2013Attorney James Greenwood, a Houston Bar Association volunteer talks to third graders at McMasters Elementary about the different branches of government and the signing of the Constitution.