Campus Spelling Bee Winners Buzz to the Hive to Prepare for District Competition Feb. 10, 24

Campus Spelling Bee Winners Buzz to the Hive to Prepare for District Competition Feb. 10, 24
Posted on 02/10/2015
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Campus spelling bee winners swarmed to the Frank Braden Professional Development Facility-Carmen Orozco Center recently to prepare for the district wide competition Feb. 10 and Feb 24.

This was the first time the district hosted a spelling bee workshop in which students learned new words, phonetic spelling strategies, word rules and word origins. Participants throughout the evening buzzed to various stations, rotating every 20 minutes. Activities included Old English shaving cream writing, a Latin greeting spelling bee, a Greek rainbow pyramid word game and Arabic spelling bee ball games. These busy bees also participated in mini spell offs between sessions. Those who won the mini competitions received prizes for every word spelled correctly.

“The words are all the same but that does not mean they have to be taught the same way,” Leslie Axel, the district’s advanced academics coordinator said. "This is a fun and unique educational opportunity for students and parents to learn various methods of spelling words to help prepare them for STAAR testing. These spelling methods are also applicable to everyday reading and writing skills.”

The event welcomed Houston PBS representatives Connie Hill, director of interactive education, Kimberly Corson, dir. of educational initiatives and projects and Houston PBS Spelling champion Syamantak Payra and his family. Payra, who represented the Houston area at the Scripps National Spelling Bee, and his mother shared spelling bee strategies with students and parents.

“I had the honor and privilege of talking to students today about what to expect at the Bee,” Payra said. “But I want students to walk away with an understanding that winning is not the most important part of the spelling bee. This preparation will have long-term benefits. They will become better readers, writers and speakers. For those reasons, I think they are all winners.”

The district spelling bee will be held at Sam Rayburn High School at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 10 for grades 3-4 and 4:45 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 24 for grades 5-8. Each campus winner will represent their school at one of the spelling bees.

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Here are the campus winners:


Atkinson – Marisa Perla, winner; Katelin Nguyen, runner up

Burnett – Iveth Flores, winner; Oscar Sosa, runner up

Bush – Angel Arroyo, winner; Ashley Garza, runner up

Fisher – Arturo Villarreal, winner, fourth grade dual language student; Cecilia Turrubiartes, runner up

Frazier – Leah West, winner; Kaitlyn Webb, runner up

Freeman – Iylen Chavero, winner; Eric Ovalle – runner up

Genoa – Emily Rodriguez, winner; Rachelle Del Castillo, runner up

Golden Acres –Santiago Fonseca, winner; Colten Wriggle-Waddell, runner up

Jensen – Homero Carrasco, winner; Hannah Friddell, runner up

Kruse – Julian Villatoro; Ceydi Llerena, runner up

Mae Smythe – Evelyn Rodriguez, winner; Andrea Tellez, runner up

Meador – Gabrielle Addison winner, 4th grade

Moore – Ainsley Willis, winner; Olivia Lugo – runner up

Morales – Isabella Condado, winner; Isaac Martinez, runner up

Morris – Marilyn Espino, winner; Anthony Ho, runner up

Pearl Hall – Star Rankin, winner; Jordyn Hodge, semi-finalist

Pomeroy – Destiny Taylor, winner; Gael Castillo, runner up

Red Bluff – Omar Sanchez, winner; David Balbuena, runner up

South Belt – Noah Garcia, winner; Colin Dang, runner up

South Shaver – Eva Espinoza, winner; are Adrian Ballesteros and Jonathan Castillo, runner ups

Stuchbery –– Jasmine Tran, 4th grade, winner; Bianca Amaya, 3rd grade, runner up

Teague – Sheba Joshy, winner; Jem Jacob, runner up

Young – Ami Cardona, winner; Nicolas Hernandez, runner up


Beverly Hills – Daniel Saiz, winner; Judy Ngo, runner-up

Keller –Sandy Llanes Chavez, winner; Sergio Padron, runner up

Lomax – Adilya Elanjickal, winner; Roy Galang, runner up

Melillo – Lexi Martinez – winner; Drake Escobedo, runner up

Milstead – Katie Nguyen, winner; Amy Ngo, runner up

Morris – Marilyn Espino, winner; Anthony Ho, runner up

Shaw – Kathia Zapata, winner; Bryan Velasquez, runner up

Park View – Seidy Valle, winner; Xavier Guzman, runner up

Queens – Brandon Bui, winner; Nancy Molina, runner up

South Houston – Samuel Rojas, winner; Aileen Nava, runner up

Southmore – Jesus Mendoza, winner, Madeline Pena, runner up