Pasadena Proud - An Act of Kindness

Pasadena Proud - An Act of Kindness
Posted on 09/05/2014
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When the Houston Astros gave Pasadena ISD free tickets for employees to attend a ballgame August 28, 2014 they had no idea how far-reaching the gesture would be. 

South Belt Elementary Principal Candy Howard sat with her fourth grade team enjoying the game. One of the newest members of the South Belt team, Melinda Hernandez, attended the ballgame with her family including 10-year-old Andy. 

Like most children, Andy was very excited to be at a major league baseball game. But Andy’s story is a little different than other children his age. 

Andy is being treated at Texas Children’s Hospital for a condition he was diagnosed with three days after he was born called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. He has had numerous open-heart surgeries, and when his heart began to fail last year; the family moved to Houston.   

“The move was the only way to get him on the transplant list,” Hernandez said. “As of last fall, his heart has been supported by a medical device which he carries in a backpack.”  

Andy, who is in the third grade this year, spent much of last school year in the hospital and had been asking to go to an Astros baseball game since coming to Houston. 

When the opportunity arose to attend a game for free, Hernandez was excited to take her family.

Once everyone was at the game, a grand slam ball came their way and Andy dove for it with all his might. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the ball. A female spectator sitting nearby claimed the baseball and excitedly showed everyone around her.  

During the seventh inning stretch people in the section began to talk. Hernandez’s husband introduced himself to the lady with the game ball and Andy’s story came up in conversation. This stranger was so touched after learning of Andy's situation that she decided to give him the coveted fly ball.  

“There was a lot of emotion in the stands as Astros fans witnessed this random act of kindness,” Howard said. “Andy asked the woman to sign his game ball as a memento.” 

As it turns out, the Astros fan who passed the fly ball to Andy was also a Pasadena ISD employee from the payroll department named, Carol Buys. 

This act of kindness proved to be the play of the day that connected several Pasadena ISD employees and one child. We have the best employees here at Pasadena ISD, another reason to be Pasadena Proud!