Global Care Day brings Burnett beauty, trees,bikes

Global Care Day brings Burnett beauty, trees and bikes
Posted on 09/10/2018
(L to R): LyondellBasell CEO Bob Patel and Burnett Principal Jae LeeBy: Jade Wise
Pasadena ISD Communications

Over 300 volunteers recently came together at Burnett Elementary on LyondellBasell’s 19th annual Global Care Day to build bikes, plant trees and beautify the campus.

During Global Care Day, LyondellBasell partners with local community organizations to meet educational, health and the environmental needs.

The organizations that joined forces with LyondellBasell at Burnett on the project were Trees for Houston and CYCLE Houston. Together, they painted the teachers’ lounge and railing to the school’s portables, power washed, did minor projects around campus, planted over 80 trees and built 150 bikes.

“We as a company take great pride in being a part of the community,” said Bob Patel, LyondellBasell CEO. “Our emphasis is not to just live and work in the community, but also to give back.”

Barry Ward, executive director of Trees for Houston, said that the trees that were planted will be a long term improvement to the campus and be a place where kids can play and learn.

“We planted 65 large trees around campus to provide shade for kids to play under, but we also planted a 20 tree orchard where kids can learn horticulture and have delicious things to eat a couple of times a year,” said Ward. 

Ward added that their organization is committed to the maintenance of the trees, including routine watering and replacement if a tree dies, for two years.

In addition to the physical improvements to the campus, CYCLE Houston brought 150 bikes to be built as part of their goal to improve literacy among students K-3.

Many of the bikes built at Burnett will return to the campus later this year as a reward to second graders who made a commitment to CYCLE Houston that they will achieve a higher reading score and have good conduct.

“We came to the campus and asked the students to sign a contract to improve their literacy,” said Rebecca Roberts, executive director of CYCLE Houston. “Every child’s contract is individualized by their teacher and we are just looking for growth in their reading skills. On top of that, the contract teaches the students that they have responsibility for their education.”

 Burnett Principal Jae Lee added that CYCLE Houston is leaving a couple of bikes on campus to keep students motivated and that he hopes that the improvements around the school will continue to boost school pride.

“We are so thankful,” said Lee. “Everything that LyondellBasell, Trees for Houston and CYCLE have done on campus in just one day is going to have such a positive impact and lift the spirits of both our students and staff.”

Burnett Principal Jae Lee
(L to R): LyondellBasell CEO Bob Patel and Burnett Principal Jae Lee

Burnett Principal Jae Lee & Rebecca Roberts
(L to R): Burnett Principal Jae Lee and CYCLE Houston Executive Director Rebecca Roberts

Global Day volunteers paint Burnett's railing to the portables
Global Care Day volunteers paint the railing to the campus's portable units.

Volunteers planting a tree
Volunteers at the Global Care Day plant one of over 80 trees at Burnett.