Rayburn now accepting nominations for SRHS Hall of Honor

Rayburn now accepting nominations for SRHS Hall of Honor
Posted on 11/29/2018
Rayburn now accepting nominations for SRHS Hall of Honor

Rayburn Hall of Honor Induction Ceremony Nominations
Sam Rayburn High School is now accepting nominations through December 21, 2018 for the 2019 Alumni Hall of Honor. Click here to download the form. Send nominations to [email protected].

The event annually recognizes esteemed alumni and former faculty members for their lifelong achievements and commitment to the Rayburn community.

The school will host a recognition ceremony for the 2019 honorees in the spring. Please read the following information carefully to submit a nomination.

Nominees will be considered if they meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • SRHS graduates who have not graduated from the school within 15 years prior to their selection. (Example: A person selected in 2015 must have graduated in 2000 or earlier)
  • All past and present faculty, administrative personnel and employees of Rayburn who meet the following conditions:
    • Have taught/worked at Rayburn for 15 years or more and be retired from the field of public education
    • Have taught/worked at Rayburn for less than 15 years and is at least five years removed from full-time teaching/employment in the field of education.
  • All worthy benefactors of time, talent and treasure to SRHS.

Qualification Criteria

  • Holds a place of considerable distinction in a career field.
  • Has attained a stature of such high achievement so as to have garnered considerable acclaim – either locally, regionally or nationally for those achievements.
  • Has received high educational honors or achievements.
  • Has accomplished a high level of achievement and recognition in athletics or fine arts after attending Sam Rayburn High School.
  • Has garnered high professional honors or achievements.
  • Has received civic, governmental or community honors or achievements.
  • Has been recognized for a high level of service to and dedication of time, talent, and treasure to Sam Rayburn High School.
  • Has compiled a record of exceptional service to Sam Rayburn High School and has contributed in a substantial way to the educational enrichment of students at Sam Rayburn High School.

Nomination Process

  • All nominations shall be directed to the Hall of Honor Committee, either directly or through Ayub Mokarzel ([email protected]).
  • All nominations must be in writing and must be submitted with letters of recommendation.
  • Nominations may be made posthumously.
  • If a nominee is not elected to the Hall of Honor for a particular year, the nominee may be considered for up to two additional years as long as at least three additional letters of support are submitted for each additional year of consideration.
  • The nominations and nominee identities will be held in confidence by the Hall of Honor Committee.