Trojan trainers honor their own through donation

Trojan trainers look to honor their own through cancer research donation
Posted on 10/26/2018
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Throughout the month of October, football fields all over the country are covered with an array of pink wristbands, socks, towels, ribbons and other athletic equipment to bring awareness to cancer research and early detection.

At South Houston High School, the athletic trainers’ program is once again joining the national effort by collecting donations during the football games to support cancer research for the Houston Methodist Cancer Center. 

This year the cause has special meaning to the South Houston athletic trainer family, as fifteen-year-old athletic trainer Naila Torres is fighting her own battle with cancer.

“It definitely hits home when it’s one of the students you work with every week,” said South Houston Head Athletic Trainer Michelle Nettles. “She has her good and bad days, but we are excited that she chose to continue working with us as an athletic trainer. It’s a good for her mentally to be with her friends and doing what she enjoys.”

Torres is a two-year veteran of the program, having worked as a trainer both her freshman year and currently as a sophomore. She is a huge football fan, has plans to attend college and aspires to one day become a homicide detective.

Despite her own battle with cancer, Torres has a heart for others.

“I not only wanted to bring awareness to cancer research, but also help others who are going through a similar situation,” said Torres.

Fellow student trainers, Mariah Colin and Berenice Soto, said the South Houston athletic trainer family does what they can to help keep Torres’ spirits high and support her.

“We are one big family and we have a lot of fun together. I think that helps get her mind off of things,” said Colin. 

“It’s really the small things. Even something as simple as a hug shows her that were are here for her,” Soto added.

Torres offered words of encouragement to those who may be going through a similar situation.

“What you are going through may seem like hell right now, but just keep fighting through it because it will pass. Stay close to those people around you who are supporting you.” 

All donations by South Houston for cancer research will be made in honor of Naila, those currently battling cancer, survivors and in memory of those who have lost the fight against cancer.

For those interested in making a contribution to Houston Methodist Cancer Center, please donate by November 2, 2018 at any Trojan game or at the campus. 

SHHS Trainers stand with Naila
(L to R): South Houston High School student athletic trainers Mariah Colin, Naila Torres and Berenice Soto are raising money for cancer research in honor of Torres.