Castoreno is a Dobie alum you need to know

Alum to anchor, Castoreno is a Dobie grad you need to know
Posted on 08/04/2020
Alum to anchor, Castoreno is a Dobie grad you need to knowBy: Rebeca Lazo
Pasadena ISD Communication & Alumni Department

The Communication & Alumni Department would like to present a new series of stories dedicated to the many wonderful PISD alumni that continue to inspire us. Below you can find part one of the series:

Audrey Castoreno, news anchor and reporter for KENS 5 in San Antonio, knows what it’s like to be in the limelight.

For nearly a decade, she has traveled across the state of Texas reporting the news on topics ranging from weather, local and national news. Her success is the culmination of years of exposure in the newsroom – starting as early as elementary school.

“I caught the news bug, believe it or not, when I was at Frazier Elementary. My teacher was asked to bring our class to the library to help shoot a segment for one of the local stations. I was in awe of the reporter and photographer who came out...I would also always watch the news with my mom every night. I just loved the storytelling aspect,” says Castoreno.

It wasn’t until she attended Dobie High School that Castoreno realized that her dreams of becoming a reporter would one day become reality. She joined Dobie News under the mentorship of former Journalism teacher Robert Salinas. Her experience at Dobie taught her the fundamentals of journalism in a hands-on learning environment.

“I was lucky enough to learn from Mr. Salinas, who had a background in radio and television. He was tough, but [he] really taught us what it meant to survive in a competitive industry,” she said.

“Dobie News and the knowledge I gained definitely gave me a leg up at my internships and in landing my first job,” Castoreno said. “Mr. Salinas has remained one of my mentors over the years.”

Throughout her years at Dobie, Castoreno became involved with Dobie News. She held the title of news director her senior year and even helped bring Channel One, a national high school show, on campus to cover a story.

“Audrey is among the hardest working students I’ve ever taught. She knew at an early age what she wanted to achieve and worked tirelessly to make it happen,” says Salinas.

After high school, Castoreno continued her education at Sam Houston State University where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. She began her career in Victoria, Texas, where she covered the news for about a year and now she currently works for KENS 5 as a reporter and a news anchor in San Antonio.

Castoreno said the life of a reporter is hard work, but the experiences have all been worthwhile.

“You’re fighting a deadline daily and working to get the latest and most accurate information out there...My days now start before most people are awake and I’m on air anchoring by 4:30 a.m. After my show, I am out in the community feature reporting,” she said.

Castoreno has covered many events that have hit national news. From natural disasters to mass shootings and more recently, interviewing Texas Gov. Greg Abbott regarding the national pandemic, she has had the opportunity to share the vast array of news stories with her community.

“I love getting to tell stories that can strike a smile, tear or movement,” says Castoreno.

Throughout her years as a reporter, she said one lesson that stands out the most is that there is always a story, national or local, waiting to be told.

“I’ve learned through the years that everyone has a story to tell."

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