Pasadena ISD librarians start new chapter in virtual learning

Pasadena ISD librarians start new chapter in virtual learning
Posted on 04/13/2020
Pasadena ISD librarians start new chapter in virtual learning

By: Kadey Heidrich
PISD Communications

April is Library Appreciation Month and Pasadena ISD is proud to highlight the work of librarians throughout our district. PISD librarians have been an invaluable resource for our students during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Adjusting to social distancing may be difficult, however, PISD’s librarians have led the way in keeping the district’s students motivated to learn. In the span of a few weeks, librarians have implemented measures such as drive-through book check-outs and e-book access to ensure students continue to have reading materials. 

“PISD Librarians have done an outstanding job in making sure students have access to books during school closures,” said  Anne Farley, Pasadena ISD Libraries Specialist.

Not only are librarians providing students with access to reading materials, but they’re also aiding teachers in keeping students motivated and holding them accountable. 

Librarians have kept students engaged by virtual means. Through Facebook, Twitter and the Libraries and Instructional Material website, librarians have highlighted exciting books, hosted question and answer sessions and created themed reading posts, along with advertised free educational resources and how-to tutorials. 

Students are kept on track through the use of online reading accountability programs like BeanStack and READsquared, which offer challenges, contests and other fun activities to encourage students to read.

Since the start of school closures, librarians, along with all PISD faculty, have been focused on easing the transition from face-to-face learning to virtual instruction at home. To stay informed and aware of student needs, librarians gather weekly with administrators for updates on best practices and to share resources. 

“PISD campus librarians have been essential to their campus staff and students by providing reading motivation, instructional expertise and enrichment to students,” said Farley. “PISD librarians are working hard to connect with all students, parents and campus staff.”