2014 Komen Race for the Cure

2014 Komen Shirt

2014 Employee Summary of Deadlines for T-shirts
2014 Campus Reps 
 2014 Team Accomplishments

Komen winners
Dr. Karen Holt, team captain for the Pasadena ISD Susan G. Komen​ Race for the Cure team presents principals Diane Wheeler from Melillo Middle School, Lindsey Lesniewski from Gardens Elementary and Juanita Rosas from Rick Schneider  Middle School with winning trophies. 

2014 Pasadena ISD Team Accomplishments  
Komen Houston Race for the Cure

Presented by Dr. Karen Holt, Team Captain 

2014 Komen Team Awards:
First Place for total of $97,611(increase of $4,835)

Ranked First Place in the entire Houston area! (Marathon Oil came in second with $58,007).
Donated $628,587 in 10 years!
We are still the only school district to participate as a team! 

2014 Team Statistics for 1st-5th District Winners for Total Amount Raised (District Adult Shirts, Student Shirts, and Passionately Pink): $45,442

1st Place-Melillo Middle School-$17,489
2nd Place-Schneider Middle School-$17,075
3rd Place- Garden’s Elementary-$4,369
4th Place-Administration Building-$3,422
5th Place-Shaw Middle School-$3,087
10 schools raised over $2,000 and 36 schools raised over $1,000  

2014 Team Statistics for Sale of Employee and Student Shirts:$43,048 (increase of $9,300)

Employee t-shirts honored 172 employees, 141 survivors and 31 women who have succumbed to the disease.

$23,148  (increase of  $6,105) was cleared from the sale of 3,686 district-wide t-shirts:  2,377 employee T-shirts and 1,309 student T-shirts (8 campuses).

The three top sellers of adult shirts were:
1st Place-Thompson Intermediate School-$1,776
2nd Place-Administration Building-$1,236           
3rd Place-Career & Technical High School-$862           
4th Place-Queens Intermediate-$810           
5th Place-Garfield Elementary-$780           
22 schools sold $500 or more for the sale of adult T-shirts.

The three top sellers of student shirts were:             
1st Place-Melillo Middle School-$2,318           
2nd Place-Mae Smythe Elementary -$2,080           
3rd Place-Gardens Elementary-$1,876           
4th Place-Milstead Middle School-$1,760           
5th Place-Schneider Middle School-$1,626

7 schools sold $1000 or more for the sale of student shirts.

Pasadena High School-HOSA designed, sold, and cleared $770 for their student shirts.           

2014 Team Statistics for Passionately Pink: total of $70,031

All of our elementary, middle, intermediate and high schools and 7 departments participated in raising money from Passionately Pink Thursdays and a variety of fundraisers.  Ten schools raised more than a $1,000! 

The top three fundraisers were:
1st Place-Schneider Middle School-$14,731           
2nd Place-Melillo Middle School--$14,577           
3rd Place-Administration Building-$2,186           
4th Place-Gardens Elementary-$1.745           
5th Place-Dobie High School-$1,523
Gulf Coast Federal Educator’s Credit Union raised $1,250 for our team! 

2014 Team Statistics for on-line donations: $420       

A special thank you to each of you for your time, energy, and effort in serving as positive role models for our students by encouraging them to make a difference in the world, regardless of the cause. As a team, you are the heart and soul of this Race! Thank you for fighting for a cure to eradicate breast cancer forever!