New Teachers

An instructor conducting a class of adults

Pasadena ISD offers support for new teachers through staff development activities that target their unique needs. Within the first year of employment, the district requires new teachers to reach the following professional development goals:

1. Complete 6 hours of Professional Development Appraisal System training (or provide certificate of completion of the training if previously employed in another district).  The district tyically offers these courses over the summer and in September and January for late hires.

2. Complete 24 hours of Effective Teaching Practices (ETP) training.

To locate ETP courses, log on to eduphoria! Workshop and click on the ETP icon on the home page. A list of upcoming courses eligible for ETP credit will appear. PDAS trainings may also be found on eduphoria! Workshop. 

Please remember:  District-level courses require the submission of a survey within 14 days of the training as part of course completion requirements. Participants who do not complete the survey with the 14 days will not be eligible for course credit. We value you feedback in planning for future trainings.