Laundry Fees – P/E  Codes


Laundry Fees                                                            199-00-XXX-000-858-5749-456

Lost Uniforms                                                            199-00-XXX-000-858-5749-457


Cash Collection and Receipt Procedures for Laundry

The laundry fee collected from each student enrolled in physical education class/ athletics is to cover the cost of providing clean, sanitary towels, soap, and uniforms (shirt and shorts) to students for the time they are enrolled in the class. When collecting the laundry fee, it is the policy of Pasadena Independent School District to always provide a receipt to students or parents whenever money is collected from them. The standard district form to use for this process is the Teacher’s Summary of Collection Form. This form is an audited item and must be secured and accounted for by the school secretary/bookkeeper. All money collected and receipted should be turned in to the school secretary/bookkeeper either daily for safe keeping or in total by the end of the 6th week of each semester.

Instructions for Receipting Money from Students paying the required district Laundry Fee. 

The Laundry Fee form may be accessed on the PISD Website.    

  1. Collect $10 from every student in your sport/class each semester before the 6th week of the semester.   Students whose fees were waived because of financial hardship as determined by the principal or principal’s designee must be indicated on the Laundry Fee form.  

  2. The Teacher’s Summary of Collections is a four-part form used by teachers to collect money from students.  Each form is numerically stamped and MUST be accounted for.  

  3. Clearly write and distribute each student a receipt from the Teacher’s Summary of Collections (student receipt sheet).  ALL STUDENTS TAKING PHYSICAL EDUCATION/ATHLETICS MUST PAY THE LAUNDRY FEE EACH SEMESTER. (Swimming, Golf and Cheerleading are excluded.  ROTC pays $10 for the year).  

  4. All original (white) unused and voided receipts must be stapled to the second copy.  The second copy (white) becomes part of the paperwork required in completing a deposit with the District Cashier, and the third copy (yellow) will be retained on campus with the secretary/bookkeeper.  The fourth copy (pink) will be returned to the teachers for their records. 

  5. Submit the Teacher’s Summary of Collections and money to your campus secretary/bookkeeper and obtain a cash receipt for your records.

Instructions for completing the Laundry Fee Form Online

  1. Access the online Laundry Fee form from the Athletics or Health/PE website and complete the form as indicated 
    a.  Include the cash receipt number obtained from the campus secretary/bookkeeper on the online form.  
    b.  The date of submission to your campus secretary/bookkeeper must match the date listed on the cash receipt.

  2. Submit the form electronically.

  3. Print a copy of the summary screen of the Laundry Fee form.

  4. Retain a copy of the student Summary of Collections, the cash receipt and the summary screen of the Laundry Fee form.  

  5. All submissions are DUE at the end of the 6th week of each semester.

  6. It is extremely important that this form is accurate.  This can be audited.  Schools will be given a 5% difference between what should have been collected and what was actually collected.  Any amount over that will be charged back to the campus.  This will be handled the same way we currently collect monies for lost uniforms/towels. Schools will receive a bill to cover any shortages.  This charge can be paid from the school activity account, Campus Athletic or Health/PE budget.

Instructions for students who are not clear with PE fee, lost uniform, lost lock

  1. For students who are not clear, they must pay the secretary/bookkeeper. Students who have lost any part of their uniform must pay $5.50 for each piece lost. The secretary/bookkeeper will use the lost uniform revenue code for the deposit (199-00-XXX-000-858-5749-457). Students who have lost a lock must pay $5.50 for the replacement cost of the lock. This money is kept in the school account to be used to replace locks when needed. You can contact Purchasing for information on buying replacement locks. Students who have not paid their $10.00 laundry fee for the semester must do so. However, they are not assessed a late fee or penalty. The secretary/bookkeeper will use the laundry fee revenue code for the deposit (199-00-XXX-858-5749-456).

  2. The secretary/bookkeeper will give the student a receipt and put a copy in the teacher’s box to show the student is clear. The receipts are needed when the inventory process is done at the end of the year for the laundry inventory report. Also, at year end when it is time for the annual inventory of PE uniforms, the allocated uniforms must be accounted for. A student’s PE uniform consists of a shirt and a pair of shorts. The inventory will consist of the actual count of shirts and the actual count of shorts plus the receipts for lost or not clears for uniforms. Any shortage over 10% will be charged back to the campus. 

  3. Lost Laundry Reports must be completed from each Physical Education/Athletics Teacher/Coach and sent to Shelley Wheeler for Health/PE or Roneka Lee for Athletics two weeks BEFORE the end of each semester. 

  4. At year-end, the inventory is completed on towels that were issued to each campus at the beginning of the year. A campus will be allowed a 10% difference between the actual count of towels issued and the actual count of towels taken at the end of the year. Any shortage over 10% will be charged back to the campus.

  5. For students transferring to another Pasadena ISD school who have not paid the PE laundry fee, the teacher must document that on the check-out form that the PE fee still needs to be paid.


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