Other Depts

Other Department/Teacher Lounge Vending Codes

Campus Teacher Lounge                             199-00-XXX-000-XXX-2118-0 
(Where XXX is your campus code)

Warehouse                                                    199-00-815-000-815

Maintenance                                                  199-00-851-000-851-2118-0        

Transportation                                                199-00-853-000-853-2118.0

Collaborative Learning Center (CLC)             199-00-882-000-882-2118-0

Curriculum And Instruction                             199-00-883-000-883-2118-0


These accounts will be used for vending machine revenue for all campus teacher lounges and departments.   These will also be the accounts that will be used for expenses for snacks and food for your staff.    No other expenses may be charged to these accounts.  These accounts are liability accounts and will be rolled over each year with your continuing balances.  Any other revenue such as auction or sale of scrap is to be coded as revenue and not posted to these accounts.  Any other staff expenses such as incentives must be charged to budgeted funds.