Inventory/Fixed Assets



Assets in our Lawson System are broken down into three groups:

Capital AssetsInventory Assets and Technology Assets

Capital Assets are identified according to the guidelines set forth in the Financial Accounting Resource Guide (FAR). The requirements are as follows: 

  • is tangible in substances and nature
  • has an estimated useful life of one (1) year or more
  • is physically separate and identifiable from other assets
  • has a dollar cost of $5,000 or more and is controllable through a physical inventory
  • has a dollar cost of less than $5000 but is paid from 6XX Fund Code
  • For federal Stimulus Funds, a purchase of a complete computer lab of computers or a mobile cart with laptop computers will be considered as a Capital Asset if the total cost is over $5,000.

Technology Assets are assets that the district does not currently track on the Inventory or Capital Asset Catalog List.  The Technology Catalog List contain purchases under $500.00 that will be part of the District Wide Refresher Plans to equally distribute the Technology Standardization of Technology/Dependent Applications.