Travel Request

Pre-Trip Arrangements

1.  Complete a Request to be Absent form and obtain approval from your campus principal or department supervisor. (If this form is a requirement by your supervisor.)

2.  Registration fees may be paid by a Non Standard PO submitted to Accounts Payable or included on your Employee Travel Reimbursement form.

3.  Read and sign a Travel Responsibility Statement, if applicable. 

Travel Advances for Employee

Effective August 1, 2015 Travel Advances will generally not be allowed. Exceptions for real emergencies shall and must be approved by the appropritate Associate Superintendent.

If a cash advance is needed, complete an Employee Travel Reimbursement form, #D2-4, attach to a Non-Standard PO, and  forward to the Accounts Payable department for check writing.  Petty Cash Checking accounts are not  to be used for travel advances.

a)      Designate Request:   Indicate in  box  “Travel Advance”.  Note "Advance" in the line description on the non-standard.

b)      Campus/Dept:  List your primary work campus/department.  This is where your check will be mailed.

c)      Budget Code:  Trip is charged to this code.  Additional budget code is needed when using additional funding sources.

d)      Name:  Use the name as listed in the payroll system.  Nicknames or initials are not to be used.

e)      Dates of Trip: List the date you are leaving and date you plan to return. Example: 3/11-15/2007

f)        Destination:  Be sure to include your destination, reason for trip and any other pertinent information.  Example: Austin, Texas – Autism Teacher Series

g)      Trip Information:  Is the trip overnight, out of state and pre-approved?

h)      Departure:  Include departure date and estimated time.

i)        Return:  Include return date and estimated  time.

j)        Advance:  Complete portions necessary to obtain advance (mileage, meals and hotel/motel expenses).  Advance will be 100% of estimated expenses.

k)      Retain:   Keep a copy of Employee Travel Reimbursement form for final travel report.

l)        Signatures:  Sign and date form.  Obtain approval signature from supervisor and if using state or federal funds obtain the administrator’s signature over those funds.  Principal’s travel is to be approved by their (ASCD) Associate  Superintendent Campus  Development.

m)   Submit:  The Employee Travel Reimbursement form to the Accounts Payable Department at least two weeks before departure date.  Check will be sent through inter-office mail to your campus.


Important:  Prior to leaving on a trip, complete a Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate for presentation at check-in at the hotel/motel.  Also, some hotels/motels require proof of employment. 

EXAMPLE  - Request to Be Absent Form






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