Trip Settle-up

Post-Trip Procedures for Employee Travel Reimbursement

1.  Within ten (10) days after returning from the trip, correct the copy of Employee Travel Reimbursement form.

a.      Requisition Number:  Enter the original non-standard purchase order number.

b.      Dates:  Correct estimated departure and return dates and times.

c.      Meals:  Correct meals if date and time correction reflect a change.

d.      Incidentals:  Add any incidental expenses, such as city/room taxes, state taxes, personal calls, business calls, car rental, taxi fares, parking fees or toll fees.  Original receipts are required for all incidental expenses.

e.      Lodging: Attach original receipts for hotel/motel expenses and all incidental expenses.  Hotel/motel receipt must be itemized.

d.      Signatures:   Sign and date form. Obtain approval signature from supervisor and if using state or federal funds obtain the administrator’s signature over those funds.  Principal’s travel is to be approved by their (ASCD) Associate Superintendent Campus  Development.

2.  Attach signed Travel Responsibility Statement, if applicable.

3.   Enter a non-standard purchase order using information on the Employee Travel Reimbursement form.  Be sure to note the original "advance" non-standard purchase order number in the "item detail" section.

4.   Attach the conference agenda that indicates if meals, etc. were provided in the registration.

5.   All employees are required to submit a final Employee Travel Reimbursement to Accounts Payable.

6.  If reimbursement is due to you, when the final Employee Travel Reimbursement form is submitted to the Accounts Payable Department, allow two weeks for processing.

7.  If money is owed to the district, attach a personal check or cash in a sealed envelope for the amount owed to the final Employee Travel Reimbursement form and send to the Accounts Payable Department.

8.  Important - If you have been given an advance, you have 30 days from the date of trip to submit a final Employee Travel Reimbursement to the Accounts Payable Department.  If it is not received by the end of the 30 days you will be put on frozen status and no further advances will be processed until the initial one is cleared.