Signature Required

See Additional Purchasing Requirements for Federal Purchases 

Travel approval from the grantor is needed for Federal Funds before the travel occurs.

Payments to an Employee must have the original signature approval of their appropriate supervisor. For example, if a principal requests a reimbursement for supplies or for travel, that request must be signed by the appropriate ASCD.


A Budget Manager must always approve their Responsibility Code.

If the purchase is Technology related, then route to Arthur Allen, then to Purchasing.


Exceptions to the $115/room are to be approved by the appropriate Associate Superintendent.


Bond funds for furniture, equipment, computers, and library books are approved by appropriate Budget Manager; other bond costs to be approved by Associate Superintendent for Facilities.


Requisitions for $25,000 or more for items not on bid or approved by the Board are to be approved by the Superintendent or designee.


  • Outside Food Caterer – Review the listing for district authorized caterers and eateries to get a bid number for your requisition.
    Your requisition should contain the following information:
  1. Who is the food for? (District employees, non-employees, mixed group, etc.)
  2. The location for the food to be set-up.
  3. Number of people expected in attendance.
  4. If the caterer of your choice is not on the list, e-mail Derek Gillard prior to placing any orders to obtain authorization.
  • District Food Services - contact directly at 713-740-0097 to place your order. Food Services can fax a menu to your location. Food Service needs at least 24-hour notice before the event.