Receiving Report

It is the responsibility of the department/campus secretary or bookkeeper to enter the receiver into Lawson once the items have been received and verified that items match the purchase order and packing slip.  Do not process a receiver until the invoice has been verified, that all items on the invoice have been received in good condition and match the purchase order.  There cannot be any substitutions or items added unless you have notified purchasing before receiving the items.

Receiving on Purchase Orders

End users are responsible for promptly receiving materials delivered directly to their location.  A receiver should be processed after reviewing the invoice.  Process one receiver for each invoice. The following are some of the problems related to late or improper receiving reports:

  • Non-payment of invoices
  • Loss of vendor credit
  • Loss of vendor support
  • Non-delivery or delayed delivery of other end user’s orders
  • Higher costs on future purchases
  • Remember to receive on all “Shipping and Handling Charges”

From the Lawson dashboard under Procurement, run “Purchase Order Invoices, Receivers Needed” report to find your open invoices.  The invoices will stay on this report until a check is written.  If you have received on the invoice and it stays on your report longer than a week, call or email accounts payable.  It is best to run this report the day after check writing, please refer to the check writing schedule.  Best practice is to run weekly.

From the Lawson dashboard under Procurement, run “Unmatched PO Receivers” report to see receivers that do not have an invoice in Lawson.  Best practice is to run monthly.


From the Lawson dashboard under Procurement, run “Encumbered Purchase Order Report” to see all open purchase orders.  Please check this report for purchase orders that are over 90 days old and non-standards that are over a month old. These types of encumbrances need to be researched, received and/or paid by accounts payable.  Best practice is to run monthly.