Book Fairs

Book Fairs


  1. Contracts/Agreements should be forwarded to the office of the General Counsel.
  2. Approval from the General Counsel should be obtained prior to each book fair.
  3. The General Counsel will review these contracts/Certificate of Agreements and authorize the principal to sign, if approved.
  4. Once General Counsel approves the contract/Certificate of Agreement, the campus secretary/bookkeeper will initiate a Blanket Purchase Order for each book fair.
  5. At the completion of the book fair, invoice received should be forwarded to the secretary/bookkeeper to “receive” on blanket purchase order.

     Collection of Money:

  1. Cash register receipts from the “Cash Register” should be given to the student(s) when collecting money from the book fair. Teacher Summary of Collection receipts should only be used if cash register receipts are not received.
  2. Money should be receipted daily with the campus secretary/bookkeeper.
  3. After money has been receipted money should be secured in the school vault.
  4. Once the book fair has been completed all funds will need to be deposited into the campus activity funds (Fund 461).
  5. Once the book fair is completed, an invoice will be received indicating the amount of funds that is owed to the book fair vendor. During this time the money collected should be prepared for deposit according to the established Business Office deposit procedures.
  6. Under NO circumstance should the collected money leave the campus.