Field Day T-Shirts


  • Money handling (receipts issued,cash receipts issued, etc.)
  • Approved Vendor
  • Purchase amount under $500 or over $500
  • Sales tax collected on taxable sales


Collection of Money:
  • Money collected should be collected according to the money handling process located in the Business Operating Procedure Manual.
  • If the T-shirt price is over $5.00 Teacher Summary Sheets should be issued to the students.
  • If the T-shirt price is $5.00 or under no Teacher Summary  Sheet is required, but it is suggested that a tabulation form is filled out to have a paper trail of the money collected from each student.
  • Sales Tax will need to be collected or added to the sale price of the T-shirt and deposited to the appropriate school account.
  • Collected amount should be deposited by the teacher to the campus secretary or bookkeeper.
  • Collected funds should be deposited to the appropriate campus account (Fund 461).


All purchases, leases, maintenance agreements, and contracts must comply with the following general requirements set by the Board in local policy [CH] “Purchasing and Acquisitions”.

  • Approved vendors need to be utilized 
  • Purchases over $500 must be processed on a Purchasing Requisition – RQ10

Purchase amount under $500 or over $500

Purchase amount under $500 or over $500