Ned Show


(ALL for KIDZ)


Contract Approval

Money handling (receipts issued, cash collected, deposited, etc.)

Purchase amount under $500 or over $500

Collecting Sales Tax

Type of Payment



  • Agreements and Contracts must be sent to Director of Purchasing or Superintendent of Finance for approval.
  • Payment amount to Vendor needs to be emailed to Director of Purchasing after the sale of Yo-yos is completed.
  • Director of Purchasing will approve the method of payment (Purchase Order, Non-Standard, Petty Cash check, etc.) to be initiated.
  • Payment to vendor shall consist of sales tax due deducted from the gross amount.

                Collection of Money:

  • Money collected should be collected according to the money handling process located in the Business Office Procedure Manual.
  • Money collected should be cash, money order, or cashier checks. NO personal checks.
  • Teacher Summary Sheets should be issued when money is collected from students.
  • Cash collected should not be given to vendor. Collected amount should be deposited to campus secretary or bookkeeper.
  • Collected funds should be deposited to the appropriate campus account (Fund 461)
  • School is the retailer of the Yo-yos therefore the campus is responsible for calculating and reporting the sales tax.