Director of Accounting                          Anna Winand                 713 740-0001

Assistant Director of Accounting           Bethany Jordan             713 740-0004

Staff Accountant                                   Barbara Grimes             713 740-0002

Staff Accountant                                  Zachary Cowey              713 740-0018

Staff Accountant                                   Laurie Alexander           713-740-0879

Staff Accountant                                   Cassi Thomason            713 740-0015

Senior Bookkeeper                               Wanda Barrett                713 740-0026

Senior Bookkeeper                               Terri Long                       713 740-0948

Senior Bookkeeper                              Alicia DeLeon                  713 740-0017

District Cashier                                    Theresa "Teri" Mitchell    713 740-0006

Secretary                                              Elsie Cobb                      713 740-0012


District Wide Bookkeepers:

Carmen Dominguez                               713 740-0129

Marietta Kasper                                      713 740-0011

Pasadena I.S.D. accounting systems are organized and operated on a fund basis.  A fund is an accounting entity with a self-balancing set of accounts recording financial resources and liabilities.  A monthly  report on these funds is presented to the Board of Trustees at their regularly scheduled monthly meeting.