Bethany J. Jordan              Assistant Director                           (713) 740-0004

Barbara Grimes                  Staff Accountant                             (713) 740-0002


This program provides reimbursement to schools for costs associated with performing the administrative activities necessary to support the provision of these health-related services specified in the State Medicaid Plan.  Within the school district setting, the Medicaid Administrative Claim program reimburses for many activities including:

bullet Informing students about the Medicaid program and services
bullet Identifying and referring students for needed health services
bullet Developing and monitoring a plan of care for a student
bullet Providing translation and transportation assistance to access needed health services
bullet Developing relationships with local health providers who provide health services to students
bullet Evaluation the effectiveness of school and community health services available to students
bullet All of the administrative work surrounding these services

Many types of school personnel are eligible to participate in the Medicaid Administrative Claim Program.  Clinical personnel are Nurses, Psychologists and Speech Therapists.  The non-clinical personnel are Counselors, Special Education Administrators, Assistant Principals and Principals.